Walks by the water

What happens inside us when there is a source of water nearby? Our brain relaxes, relieves stress from excessive stress. We fall into a state similar to hypnosis, thoughts begin to flow smoothly, creativity opens up, well-being improves.

The influence of the sea, river or lake on our brain has become the subject of attention of scientists and psychologists. Wallace J. Nichols, a marine biologist, has studied the effects of blue water on humans and found out how it affects mental health.

Near water, the brain switches from a stressful mode to a more relaxed one. Millions of thoughts swirling in my head go away, stress lets go. In such a calm state, the creative abilities of a person are better revealed, inspiration visits. We begin to better understand ourselves and conduct introspection.

The awe of a majestic natural phenomenon has recently become an important factor in the popular science of positive psychology. The feeling of reverence for the power of water contributes to a surge of happiness, as it makes us think about our place in the universe, become humble, feel like a part of nature.

Water increases the effectiveness of exercise

Gymnastics is a good way to improve mental well-being, and jogging along the ocean increases the effect ten times. Swimming in a lake or cycling along a river is far more rewarding than hitting the gym in a crowded city. The point is that the positive impact of blue space, along with the absorption of negative ions, enhances the effect of exercise.

Water is a source of negative ions

Positive and negative ions affect our well-being. Positive ions are emitted by electrical appliances – computers, microwave ovens, hair dryers – they take away our natural energy. Negative ions are formed near waterfalls, ocean waves, during thunderstorms. They increase a person’s ability to absorb oxygen, increase the level of serotonin associated with mood, contribute to sharpness of the mind, improve concentration.

Bathing in natural waters

Being close to water improves well-being, and immersing the body in a natural source of water, whether it be the sea or a lake, we get an extraordinary charge of vivacity. Cold water has a calming effect on the nervous system and refreshes, while warm water relaxes the muscles and relieves tension.

Thus, if you want to have a bright mind and feel great – go to the sea, or at least just sit by the fountain in the park. Water has a powerful effect on the human brain and gives a feeling of happiness and well-being.

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