Oatmeal is not just fiber, scientists have found

At the recent 247th Annual Scientific Conference of the American Society of Chemists, an unusual presentation was made that aroused genuine interest. A team of scientists made a presentation on the previously unknown benefits of … oatmeal!

According to Dr. Shangmin Sang (California Institute of Agriculture and Technology, USA), oatmeal is a food little known to science, and not just a rich source of fiber, as previously thought. According to research conducted by his team, oatmeal has a number of benefits that elevate it to the rank of superfoods:

• Hercules contains soluble fiber “beta-glucan”, which lowers cholesterol; • Whole oatmeal also contains a rich array of vitamins, minerals (including iron, manganese, selenium, zinc, and thiamine), and phytonutrients that are important for health. Oatmeal is a great source of plant-based protein – 6 grams per cup! • Oatmeal contains avenantramide, a substance that is extremely beneficial for heart health.

The speaker reported that the heart health benefits of avenanthramide from oatmeal are much greater than previously thought, according to a study. New data on this hard-to-pronounce substance actually moves oatmeal from the rearguard to the forefront of the fight against heart attack and other heart diseases that literally mow down people by the millions in the developed world (one of the three most common causes of death in the US)!

Dr. Shangmin also confirmed earlier information that regular consumption of oatmeal prevents bowel cancer. According to his conclusion, this is the merit of the same avenanthramide.

Oatmeal has also been found to aid in the growth of white blood cells, which in turn boosts the immune system.

The data on the “folk” use of oatmeal as a mask (with water) on the face from acne and other skin diseases were also confirmed: due to the action of avenanthramide, oatmeal really cleanses the skin.

The highlight of the report was Dr. Shangmin’s statement that oatmeal protects against stomach irritation, itching and … cancer! He found that oatmeal is a powerful antioxidant, on par with some varieties of exotic fruits (such as noni), and therefore is a means of preventing and fighting malignant tumors.

It’s amazing how modern science is able to “reinvent the wheel” over and over again, finding the amazing right next to us – and sometimes even in our plate! Whatever it was, now we have some more good reasons to eat oatmeal – a tasty and wholesome vegan product.  


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