Nutrition for the ovaries

Being the glands of external and internal secretion, the ovaries not only create eggs, but also produce hormones, estrogens. Thanks to them, the female body is capable of rejuvenation. Produced by the ovaries, hormones contribute to the maintenance of women’s health and beauty.

The famous English gerontologist Justin Glass believes that a person can live up to 180 years if you learn to “help” your endocrine glands with proper nutrition and exercise.

Lack of adequate nutrition negatively affects the functioning of the female reproductive glands and can lead to infertility.

For the full functioning of the ovaries, it is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, C, E and trace elements – copper and iron. The amino acid arginine is very important.


General recommendations

Mono-diets and fasting are very harmful for full-fledged work and nutrition of the ovaries. Meals should be varied and balanced. Protein food is very important as a building material for hormones and eggs produced by the ovaries.

With a lack of protein in the body, the formation of female sex hormones is disrupted.

Healthy foods for the ovaries

Liver, egg yolks, sour cream and cream – contain a lot of vitamin A, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the ovaries.

Carrots, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, red bell peppers, apricots and pumpkin contain carotene, which, in conjunction with vegetable and animal fats, is converted into the necessary vitamin A.

Honey, pollen and royal jelly. They are rich in vitamins B and C, as well as trace elements. Rejuvenates the body, increases the likelihood of pregnancy.

Dark bread, brewer’s yeast, bran. They contain a large amount of B vitamins, which preserve and restore sexual desire.

Citrus fruits, rose hips, onions, garlic, black currants. Beneficial due to the high amount of vitamin C.

Sprouted wheat, vegetable oils, lettuce. They are rich in vitamin E, which prevents infertility.

Beans, wheat, nuts, raisins, meat, pomegranates. They contain a lot of iron, which is essential for blood.

Oysters, shrimps, squid, mussels, rapana. They are excellent aphrodisiacs. Seafood is rich in copper, which has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body.

Peanuts, milk, oats. They contain the amino acid argenine, which is important for the ovaries.

Signs of ovarian malnutrition

Folk remedies to restore ovarian function

To normalize the activity of the ovaries, it is necessary to use boiled roots of red clover for a month, at the rate of 1 tbsp. spoon a day. In addition, it is advisable to add crushed (pre-dried) leaves and flowers of red clover to cereals and soups.

Thus, it is possible to restore the ovulatory function of the ovaries and prevent the development of thrush, due to the fact that clover contains the substance trifolesin, which inhibits the development of fungi.

Attention! This course of treatment is not suitable for cardiovascular diseases and pregnancy.

Harmful foods for the ovaries

  • Alcohol – causes destruction of the ovaries. Their functioning is disrupted.
  • Products containing flavors, flavors, colorants and other “chemistry”. They change the structure of the eggs.
  • Salt… In large quantities, it causes ovarian dysfunction.

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