Medicinal herb – dill

The name of dill originally comes from the Norwegian “Dilla”, which means “to calm, soften”. Dill has been known for its beneficial properties since 1500 BC. In ancient Egyptian papyrus manuscripts, dill was documented as a remedy for flatulence, pain relief, laxative and diuretic. What is useful dill? Ethereals are a carcinogen found in cigarette smoke, charcoal smoke, and incinerators. Since ancient times, dill has been used for hiccups, stomach pain, and bad breath. It has antispasmodic properties that relieve spasms that form pain. Ayurvedic medicine has been using dill for centuries for stomach problems.

An excellent source of calcium, dill prevents bone loss, a common problem after menopause. One tablespoon of dill seeds contains 3 grams of calcium. The eugenol oil in dill is known as. Eugenol is used by dentists as a topical analgesic that relieves toothache. In addition, this oil has been found to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics, however, further research is needed for serious conclusions. Dill is very low in calories, with only 2 calories per half cup. Historical facts: 1) The first mention of dill as a medicinal plant was recorded 5 years ago in Egypt

2) Dill’s native range is southern Russia, the Mediterranean and West Africa 3) In the 17th century, dill was grown in many English gardens for culinary purposes

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