Where to eat vegan and raw pancakes in Moscow


Shrovetide is considered an ancient holiday in Rus’ and is part of the Orthodox culture. It precedes Lent and lasts exactly one week. A distinctive feature of Shrovetide is considered to be the burning of a scarecrow and the preparation of what? Of course, pancakes! It is these two main attributes of Shrovetide that unite all the inhabitants of our country at large family tables.

Moscow, as always, amazes with the scale of the Maslenitsa week. Almost every cafe took care to feed its visitors with delicious, fresh, hot pancakes like from childhood, just like our grandmothers made them. Eyes widen from such an abundance, and, for sure, you want to visit many institutions of the city at once. Unfortunately, the Vegetarian team hasn’t figured out a way to send readers to multiple locations at the same time, but they’ve found another way out. Your attention is given a list of cafes where the most delicious (and naturally healthy!) pancakes will be created throughout the whole Shrovetide week. 


Supermarket “Gorod-Sad” offers visitors to try gluten-free Vegan pancakes with corn. The cost of such pancakes is 45 rubles.


Employees of the Fresh establishment decided to take an original approach to the celebration of Shrovetide week, and low-calorie buckwheat pancakes on cashew kefir with the addition of chia seeds, flax and ghee butter are perfectly located in the restaurant’s menu. As an addition, fresh berries are offered, as well as jam, honey, soy sour cream or maple syrup. The cost of one such pancake will be 60 rubles.


The network of vegetarian cafes Jagannath has added two types of pancakes to the menu during the Shrovetide week – vegetarian and vegan. Their composition is as simple as possible – flour, milk / water, turmeric, vegetable oil, salt, sugar. This option is suitable for those who do not want to cook round-shaped flour comrades at home, but I would really like to taste them on a holiday.


Here is the variety! The team of guys prepared for visitors a whole range of various pancakes and pancakes for every taste – vegan, gluten-free, raw food. With the addition of quinoa, chocolate-buckwheat, banana-nut. And they will also hold a master class on cooking such a miracle of Maslenitsa cooking at home.


The staff of the RaFamily live cuisine restaurant will delight you with a new Pancake week – pumpkin-linen pancakes with fruit filling and delicate cashew sour cream.


Healthy food cafe “Vkus&tsvet” also did not leave Shrovetide without attention. Here they will offer to eat “a piece of the sun and recharge with solar energy” throughout the Maslenitsa week.


From February 12 to 18, Prana yoga centers will offer Indian pancakes made from chickpea flour, as well as classic pancakes without eggs.


If you search very well, you can find something unusually tasty. We are sure of it! The organizers of the week of the Moscow Shrovetide promise the residents of the city a real pancake kingdom. About 170 types of fillings for pancakes. Guests will be offered pancakes on cedar flour with the addition of pumpkin or cottage cheese. And in between the search for delicious delicacies, be sure to visit the Maslenitsa fairs in the city center, master classes, concerts, and, of course, the traditional burning of a scarecrow.

For those who prefer homemade pancakes to any unusual pancakes, we offer several recipes at once:,,. 

Let your Maslenitsa be bright, tasty and warm in a family way!

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