Maturity or Childhood? — a man in his 50s.
Maturity or Childhood? — a man in his 50s.Maturity or Childhood? — a man in his 50s.

They say the older the wine, the better it is. I guess that’s how some men feel about themselves, especially when they reach a certain age. 50 becomes symbolic. Then men often begin to change their lives. It is also a time when various ailments appear that men have a hard time coming to terms with. They try to keep their youth and vitality as long as possible, while refusing to go to the doctor for advice or appropriate medications. Considerations about 50-year-old men should start from the very beginning.

After turning 50, guys become more gadget geeks, they must have every technological novelty; hands, pockets, the inside of a house, a car, everything is filled with them. Speaking of cars, there is also a big change here, usually gray, old cars are replaced with new, beautiful ones, preferably with a retractable roof, to be better visible and observe the animals well, like a hunter. Unfortunately, men over XNUMX also change the objects of their sighs, because their peers are no longer attractive to them. A guy who has less self-esteem and faith in his masculinity, the more desperately he seeks change. Television also creates the image of a macho-man, a mature man with a young girl by his side, it’s a pity that some people forget about the financial background.

Fifty in men brings a conflict between productivity and stagnation. It’s hard for guys to accept that the times of youth, pride in their masculinity, energy are behind them, Years fly by and nature is ruthless. A man is going through a midlife crisis. She starts shopping in the youth section, dyes her hair, and experiences the appearance of the first wrinkle. While menopause is easy for women to recognize, it is much more difficult for men. We often say that such guys “go nuts”. Whereas for men, it’s a gradual process that’s hard to see. Andropause, because this is the professional name for this phenomenon, is usually associated with testosterone deficiency. Then the libido often drops, there is an erection problem, a decrease in energy, lack of concentration, depression, cholesterol or blood pressure. For these ailments, there are effective drugs or dietary supplements that should be taken, and it is worse for men. This guy is like a baby. When something hurts or you need to take “vitamins”, a man refuses, does not want to, but often does not remember to take a given drug. He is too lazy or too skittish. He does not need drugs, after all, he is an eternally young “manly man”, who finds it difficult to come to terms with the passage of time and its rules. It would be enough to reach for the right medications and the problems with andropause would decrease and in some cases end.

Every age has its rights. Men over 50, instead of chasing youth, should focus on their advantages, i.e. life experience, responsibility, stability, but also take care of their own health, because taking medications does not take away anything from masculinity, on the contrary, it prolongs the joy of life.


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