How to recognize the first symptoms of andropause and menopause?
How to recognize the first symptoms of andropause and menopause?How to recognize the first symptoms of andropause and menopause?

Very often you can meet the opinion that andropause and menopause are two identical processes occurring in the bodies of men and women. We call it menopause, or simply aging. Nothing could be more wrong. While a woman loses her reproductive capacity and becomes sterile, nothing ends for men. So how do you tell when you’re entering menopause?

Menopause is a termwhich means the final cessation of ovarian function. This means the end of the ovulation process and the woman’s loss of reproductive capacity. Very often, even women themselves confuse menopause with menopause. Climacterium it is nothing more than the period preceding menopause. It is accompanied by certain symptoms such as fatigue, irregular menses until they stop. While the symptoms of menopause are widely known, because they are characterized by characteristic phenomena: depression, decreased libido, hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, insomnia. It’s not so easy with andropause. Although this process is also associated with hormonal changes that occur gradually in the male body just like in the case of women, it is not so clear and characteristic. There is a process of decline in both the female and male bodies hormone levels. Levels drop in women estrogen, which is manifested by dryness in the intimate area, intercourse begins to cause discomfort and even pain, hence the decrease in interest in sex. In men, on the other hand, testosterone levels decline, but it happens very slowly and gradually, not as sharply as in women. Men begin to feel greater fatigue, muscle and joint pain, increase in body fat, less satisfaction with life, lack of motivation for further action, sometimes problems with erection. However, these changes are not so spectacular and they are often identified simply with the natural aging process.

While women at this time regularly visit the doctor, control their condition and are more aware of the changes taking place in their body, men do not go to the doctor with these ailments, do not talk about them and often deal with them on their own. It is not often that a man realizes that his ailments can be alleviated as in the case of menopause in women.

Natural processes of menopause what they are andropauza and menopause it’s not a disease, so don’t be afraid of them. You need to have knowledge about them to be able to easily define and determine the changes taking place in the body and effectively deal with the ailments that occur at that time. It is important to optimally take care of your health, regularly examine yourself and control yourself. Take appropriate medications and dietary supplementsuse replacement therapy, lead a healthy lifestyle. You can make life at this time not necessarily difficult and unacceptable. After alleviating many of the annoying symptoms, you can enjoy an active and joyful life for many years to come.

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