Marrying an Italian: pros and cons, mentality


😉 Hello everyone! To successfully marry an Italian, you need to take into account some of the nuances. Let’s talk about this in the article and watch the video.

Italy is a gourmet cuisine, warm sea and priceless cultural heritage. And what about Italian music ?! She will not leave anyone indifferent! But today – about the gentlemen! Russian girls need to study the pros and cons of the mentality of Italian men before marrying an Italian.

The mentality of Italian men

Italians have an expansive temperament. Their national character is radically different from the Russian one. In the eyes of foreigners, Italy is a colorful and unique country. But in real life, it will provide you with many surprises (and not always pleasant ones).

Let’s start with the good. Italians are very musical, many of them have a beautiful singing voice. Local macho are ready to delight their loved ones with serenades at least every evening.

Marrying an Italian: pros and cons, mentality

Rumors about the hot nature and increased sexuality of Italian men are true. Almost all of them are masters of love, who know a lot not only in intimate pleasures, but also in compliments and courtship. Like all southerners, Italians love to make beautiful promises, but whether they fulfill them depends on the person.

Men willingly help women with money. They can give girls cash for pocket money, or they can just buy groceries, give useful gifts.

But you shouldn’t expect much generosity from these men. They give the woman finances in a metered manner so that she cannot squander, but spends exactly as much as necessary on the essentials.

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Italians love live communication (and do not like to “hang out” on the Internet, by the way). They often go to visit, visit relatives. They love to go to football with friends. Beer is preferred among alcoholic beverages. There are not many alcoholics in this country, which is an absolute plus for our brides.

Italian men in relationships

A caring and suave boyfriend can be a completely different person after marriage. During the period of sweets and flowers, he will seem to you unrealistically romantic and kind, but as soon as he receives legal rights to you, he will immediately show the jealous nature of the owner.

Italian couples are on phones all the time, are jealous of each other and sort things out. Perhaps for local girls this is in the order of things, but we are accustomed to a more calm and measured life.

The Italian boyfriend will call every five minutes to monitor the movement of his beloved. But he does not consider this an obsession or a sign of despotism. In fact, he worries and cares about the woman, he feels responsible for her.

However, many Italians become tyrants in the family, because this is facilitated by their ardent temperament and conservative upbringing. Of course, you shouldn’t measure all Italians under the same ruler. There are many emotional, but sensitive and good-natured men among them. This is how lucky someone is.


Marrying an Italian: pros and cons, mentality

What kind of groom do you need?

If you intend to marry an Italian, you must first decide what kind of groom you need. If you set out to “hook up” a rich handsome man, you will have a hard time. The fact is that in Italian families, almost everything is decided by the parents, especially if the family is noble and wealthy.

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Parents will never give their beloved son “to be torn apart” by a cunning foreigner for anything in the world! Local girls don’t want to marry poor guys either. Therefore, poor and not very handsome Italian men remain unclaimed in the “domestic market”.


Accordingly, they turn their gaze to ignorant foreign women, from whose heads beautiful fairy tales cannot come out in any way.

Arriving in Italy, you will not have to look for a gentleman for a long time. They will find you themselves. Italians are attracted by sophisticated Russian beauty – fair skin and hair, a slender model figure.

However, you run the risk of running into either the “unclaimed” poor fellow, or a divorced man with a bunch of kids, or Casanova. Therefore, be vigilant and do not rush to be enchanted by the Italian splendor.


Features of the Italian family

In Italy, there is a real cult of the mother. Unfortunately, because of this, there are many mothers’ sons who, in fact, do not need a wife, but a nanny. But even an independent man will always listen to the opinion of his mother. If the bride-to-be does not please the future mother-in-law for something, then you are lost.

Parents have a lot of influence even if the couple lives separately. Of course, there are also people with modern views in this country who try not to interfere in the married life of children. But be prepared for the fact that you will come across a traditional family.

Italians love to walk to the left because they are very loving and wives are not always able to meet their needs. But the wife herself cannot even think about cheating or flirting with another man. All relatives of your husband will immediately condemn you, and the mother-in-law will seriously think about your decency.

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Your husband and children should come first. If you have to stay at home for this, then so be it. In any case, it will be extremely difficult for a foreigner to find a normal job, even with three diplomas. And being married to an Italian and washing dishes in a bar is not a very bright prospect.

Marrying an Italian: pros and cons, mentality

The Italian husband will fully support you and the children, but you will receive as much money as you need for home improvement and family comfort. Italians look at girls as potential wives and mothers, and not as windy, windy ones who are happy to spend their husband’s money.

Back in the 20th century, divorce was banned in Italy. Now the divorce proceedings are quite complicated and lengthy, and in matters of children, the court takes the side of the man. The husband’s family will not want to give the child to a “frivolous foreigner”.

If you got married in a Catholic cathedral, then you will ask the Pope for permission to divorce!

Of course, all of the above disadvantages, with the right approach, can be turned into advantages. The main thing is to really look at things, to determine priorities and not to build castles in the air.

Dear ladies, leave your advice from personal experience on how to successfully marry an Italian. 🙂 Was this information helpful to you?

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