Liver cleaning according to the Malakhov method

Because the liver is a biological filter with dozens of different functions, liver health is extremely important. It is on him that digestion, metabolism, blood circulation, immunity depend. The liver cleanses and ensures the normal functioning of the body. Without a liver, a person can live no more than a few hours, after which he will probably die from poisoning.

Speaking about the need for proper nutrition, doctors think, first of all, about this organ. Harmful food leads to the development of one of the most insidious liver diseases – stone formation (stones are hardened bile). The latter is also influenced by the number of stressful situations that the life of the average person is constantly exposed to. And given the transience of this life and everyone’s desire to have time to do the maximum, it becomes clear why every third adult has stones in the liver and in the gallbladder.

Cleansing technique Malakhov

Malakhov Gennady Petrovich is a writer, urine therapist, TV presenter and author of numerous publications on the topic of unusual methods of leading a healthy lifestyle. Despite the lack of a diploma in medical education, he himself developed and popularized a lot of non-traditional methods of healing, many of which are popular and famous for their effectiveness. These include the method of cleansing the liver.

According to the author, a clean liver is a guarantee of excellent health, excellent mood and well-being. Meanwhile, the very technique that he proposes is quite aggressive. In order to avoid side effects, it must be performed only after consulting a doctor, as well as excluding contraindications for cleaning.

Preparing for the procedure

The key to the success of cleaning according to Malakhov, according to the developer himself, is in mandatory preliminary preparation. Ideally, you only need to carry out the procedure after bowel cleansing… It is good if this time falls on the 10th – 13th lunar days or in the period before the new moon. On the eve, it is important to “soften” the body.

The essence of mitigation – warming up, relaxing and saturating it with liquid. Malakhov does not offer specific rules for the implementation of mitigation, mentioning that each person is individual, therefore, they are different for each. However, it recommends choosing between a steam room, a sauna or a regular bath. Overweight people should pay attention to a dry bath, while overweight people should pay attention to a hot bath, and the rest – to a steam room with a high level of humidity.

You can warm up the body in this way no more than 25 minutes 3 – 7 times, it all depends on its slagging. It is extremely important to pour cold or cold water over each heating session for 5 – 20 seconds. The frequency of warming up sessions is of no great importance and depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Meanwhile, for greater efficiency, it is worth going to the sauna or steam room once a day or every other day.

Along with this, in order to prepare it is necessary:

  1. 1 within 5 – 10 days before cleaning, drink 1 tbsp. l. ghee in the morning on an empty stomach;
  2. 2 be like a morning full body massage using oil, after which you should go straight to the shower (meanwhile, people with overweight and oily skin should skip this point);
  3. 3 jogging (it is better to give preference to the lung, when a person runs at a moderate pace, just warming up his body);
  4. 4 3 – 4 days before the procedure, switch to a vegetarian diet, which implies the use of plant foods;
  5. 5 add freshly squeezed apple and beet juice in any quantity to the daily menu (cook it at the rate of 2 parts of beets to 10 parts of sour apples);
  6. 6 Provide yourself with urine cleansing enemas once a day.

Step-by-step execution

Cleansing the liver according to Malakhov is based on the use of olive oil and lemon juice, although the author himself claims that they may well be replaced by sunflower or corn oil and a solution of citric acid or sea buckthorn or cranberry juice.

On the day of the cleaning, you should sleep well, since good spirits, calmness and good mood in this matter are the key to success.

You should prepare for the procedure in the morning:

  • After waking up, you need to do an enema, drink juice and have breakfast with something dietary, for example, oatmeal. Those people for whom hunger is a serious test for the body are allowed to have lunch easily.
  • After 14.00, the liver should be warmed up. To do this, it is better to take a heating pad with warm water (a heating pad is also suitable) and attach it to the right hypochondrium. In view of the fact that you will have to walk with it all day, and this is about 7 – 8 hours, it is better to fix it on the body with an elastic bandage so that it does not slip. This is important, since the main task of the heating pad is to warm up, dilute bile and expand the ducts.
  • At 19.00 you can start cleaning directly. To do this, you need to prepare 150 – 200 gr. oil and 150 – 200 gr. lemon juice (meanwhile, for people weighing more than 65 kg, the volume should be increased without exceeding the maximum dose of 300 grams). Before use, oil and juice must be warmed up to a temperature of 35 degrees. You need to drink them in the following sequence: 1 – 2 sips of oil washed down with 1 – 2 sips of juice. After 15 minutes, the actions should be repeated.
  • You need to drink oil with juice until the recommended amount is over. However, if nausea appears when taking them, you need to wait with it until the unpleasant symptoms disappear. Ideally, the entire volume of oil and juice should be drunk, but if the nausea persists, it is allowed to stop at the amount already drunk.
  • To enhance the effect after the oil and juice are drunk, it is enough to do the following: after 60 – 90 minutes, get comfortable and cover the left nostril with a cotton swab, inhaling and exhaling through the right one. It is recommended to put a small piece of hot red pepper on the tip of the tongue – this helps to generate heat and energy, which will facilitate the procedure.
  • The next stage is a kind of liver massage. To do this, you should normalize breathing (it should be smooth, you need to do about 4 – 6 breaths every 60 seconds). At the same time, it is important to work well with the diaphragm, while inhaling, protruding the stomach and imagining that a fiery arrow is directed into the liver, and on exhalation – to tighten it. It costs 15 to 30 minutes to do this massage, it helps to improve blood circulation in the liver and flush out toxins from it. After this time, it is better to rest for 60 minutes, and then repeat everything. During a respite, it is important to put a magnet on the right hypochondrium to enhance capillary blood circulation.
  • The first stones will start coming out around 23.00 and later. This is due to the fact that in the period from 23.00 to 03.00 the biorhythm of the liver is maximal. In practice, everything looks like a banal indulgence, meanwhile, along with the feces, bile-bilirubin calculi, dark green mucus, cholesterol flakes come out. It is possible that the relaxation will last until lunch the next day.
  • After the release of feces, you need to do a cleansing enema. It is important to be prepared for the fact that in the morning after cleansing the liver, you will feel weakness, fatigue. This is due to the loss of strength by the body. During this period, it is important to rest and relax, allowing yourself to replenish internal reserves.
  • It is better to start the day with 0,5 liters of juice – carrot or beetroot-apple at the rate of 2 parts of beets for 10 parts of apples, since the juice additionally works to cleanse the liver. After that, you can afford a light breakfast – porridge boiled in water, fruit or vegetable salad.

It is important to know

If the discomfort after taking juice and oil ended in vomiting, followed by the release of dark green mucus, most likely these components did not reach the liver, but cleared the stomach from the pathological film. This usually happens during the first cleaning. In order to bring the matter to the end, you should take a smaller amount of juice and oil during subsequent ones, gradually increasing the dose.

The key to the success of the Malakhov cleaning is in calmness and self-confidence. The presence of fear contributes to the appearance of tightness and, as a result, delays recovery. In order to get rid of this tightness, the author of the technique recommends drinking 2 no-shpa tablets and just calm down. Subject to all his recommendations, as well as the absence of contraindications to the procedure, the procedure itself is easy and painless.

Pay attention!

Hard physical labor and prolonged fasting are absolute contraindications to this cleaning. To restore strength, it is worth stopping them for a period of 3 to 5 days, otherwise the body will simply be depleted or it will take the juice and oil for its own benefit. That is, it will rework it without completing the task.

In addition, cleansing is a kind of invasion of the liver, for which it needs additional strength. Do not forget about this and neglect her rules.

Frequency of procedures

The hardest thing, both physically and mentally, is to carry out the first cleaning. Despite the appearance of bile and whitish filaments in the feces, it itself will be considered ineffective if the stones do not come out. This happens when the organ is overly clogged and needs several procedures.

You need to start performing the next ones based solely on your well-being, but ideally, the first three cleanings should be done with a break of 3 weeks, the fourth after 30 days, and the fifth after 60 days.

After a year, it is advisable to cleanse your liver twice more, and another year later. The general recommended course is 9 – 12 procedures.

Eating after

It is worth eating food after cleansing the liver as soon as the appetite appears. It is better to start with freshly squeezed juice, salad, porridge in water with seaweed or a little oil. Gradually, starting from the second day, the diet can be enriched with new foods and dishes. It is only important to exclude fried, fatty, smoked from it, giving preference to vegetarian dishes at first.

It is also important to remove starchy foods, such as baked goods, as they clog organ tissue. In addition, it should be remembered that mushrooms and legumes are poorly tolerated by them.

It is undesirable to eat spicy foods, as it negatively affects the liver. At the same time, sour and slightly salted foods help her.

Opinions on cleaning according to Malakhov

It is worth noting that, despite the huge number of positive reviews about the self-performed cleansing according to the Malakhov method, traditional medicine criticizes it in every possible way, like other methods of healing and treating the author. In favor of their judgments, doctors put forward the lack of scientific justification and its danger, meanwhile, it really helps many people.

The main thing is not to perform it without first consulting a doctor, excluding contraindications and conducting thorough preparation. Well-being and a positive attitude are also important. Only then will it be possible to experience all the advantages of this technique.

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