Kundalini Yoga Festival: “You can pass through any obstacle” (photo essay)

Under this slogan, from August 23 to 27, one of the brightest festivals of this summer, the Russian Kundalini Yoga Festival, was held in the Moscow region.

“You can pass through any obstacle” – this second sutra of the Age of Aquarius perfectly illustrates one of the facets of this teaching: overcoming obstacles in practice, being able to go through internal challenges and fears in order to tune in to your self and gain strength of mind.

Foreign masters and leading Russian teachers of this direction took part in the rich festival program.

The special guests of the festival were Sat Hari Singh, a kundalini yoga teacher from Germany, one of the closest students of master Yogi Bhajan. He is one of the unsurpassed mantra singers and a wonderful teacher who put a lot of effort into spreading kundalini yoga in Germany. Sat Hari is an extraordinary warm-hearted person, and his music touches the most delicate strings of the soul. One of his presence is so uplifting that bad thoughts cannot come to mind, and purity of thoughts, as you know, is one of the most important steps of yoga.

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual practice of socially active peoplewho do not need to go to a monastery to achieve enlightenment. On the contrary, this teaching states that liberation can only be obtained by passing the path of a “household owner”, being realized in family life and in work.

This year the Festival was held for the sixth time, bringing together about 600 people from Petrozavodsk to Omsk. Adults, children, the elderly, pregnant women and even young mothers with babies took part. Within the framework of the festival, for the first time in Russia, a conference of teachers of kundalini yoga was held, where teachers shared their accumulated knowledge and experience.

Peace meditation was held at the festival. Of course, hostilities on the planet did not stop immediately after that, but I want to believe that the world has become better and cleaner from the sincere desire of 600 people. After all, the main driving force behind the tradition of kundalini yoga is the belief that efforts always bring results. And, as Yogi Bhajan said: “We must become so happy that looking at us other people also become happy!”

We offer you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the festival thanks to the photo report provided by the organizers.

Text: Lilia Ostapenko.

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