12 Vegan Gifts for Valentine’s Day

The air is filled with an atmosphere of love. Valentine’s Day is approaching, the traditional holiday of couples in love, when there is a reason to confess their feelings to each other. But, even if you do not have a couple, on this day you can show your love to relatives, friends or pets. And if you and your significant other are vegans, then you will have no difficulty in choosing a valentine. We’ve rounded up vegan gift options for this wonderful romantic day. Pamper your loved ones and … yourself!

1. Box of chocolates

One of the first questions vegans ask is, can you eat chocolate? Answer: yes, you can! Generally, dark chocolate is a vegan product. If you have any doubts about the composition of chocolate from a regular store, contact specialized online stores of vegan sweets. For Valentine’s Day, you can find many offers in gift wrapping there. It is known that chocolate improves mood, and the holiday will be held at its best.

2. Something shiny

Jewelry does not contradict the ideology of plant-based people. You can give real jewelry, and even a ring … For a more budgetary gift, jewelry is also suitable. Let it be a chain with a heart, regardless of the price, it will be dear to your beloved.

3. For the chef

A baking pot, a mug with a declaration of love, or another attribute of vegan cuisine. Such a gift will be not only a nice souvenir, but also a useful item. The main thing is not to go too far, not every housewife will consider a pot or even a modern food processor a romantic gift.

4. Sponsor animals

Show your loved one your concern for needy little brothers. Adopt a cat or a dog at a shelter, go for a walk with your significant other and enjoy a photo of a furry friend together. Lovers do not look at each other, but in one direction.

5. Buy a cookbook

A book about vegetarian dishes is a gift that will not only not leave you indifferent, but will also give you the opportunity to cook something for the festive table together on this day. Maybe it will be pizza or vegetable rolls, or something delicacy? Learn new recipes to make life together tastier.

6. Book a vacation

To celebrate Valentine’s Day as comfortably as possible, it is better to change the situation. Go to a country cottage to ski or skate, just play snowballs, roll in the snow. If you can’t take a day off, book a table at your favorite vegetarian restaurant and enjoy the romantic aura of the evening.

7. “Talking T-shirt”

A great way to express your views is clothing with a slogan. This is not only a wardrobe item that your soul mate will wear, but also the promotion of non-violence. Buy a sweatshirt or t-shirt that says “Animals are my friends” or “Be stylish, not cruel” and you’ll be 100% right with the gift.

8. Massage

As Daniel Palmer said, massage is the best thing one person can do to another. You will have to study the theory a little. But, if you are not sure that a do-it-yourself massage will be of high quality and safe, buy a certificate for the salon, or even better, order a SPA program for two.

9. Vegan cosmetics

This option is more suitable for a gift to a woman, but modern men also tend to take time to take care of themselves. Body cream, shampoo or lip balm will definitely not go to the far shelf as an unnecessary thing. In addition, stores selling vegan cosmetics offer good discounts for the holidays.

10. Yoga subscription

If your soul mate is not yet engaged in yoga, then such a gift will please anyone, regardless of age and build. Yoga classes are democratic, do not require special physical training, besides, they strengthen not only the body, but also the spirit. And even better – go to yoga together, there is even a special direction – yoga in pairs. Such activities will bring you even closer to your partner.

11. Creativity

Coloring books for adults, oil paintings by numbers, embroidery kits – soothes, relieves stress, develops fine motor skills of fingers. Do not think that this is a gift exclusively for women, the representatives of the stronger sex often show the highest class in creativity.

12. Treats other than chocolate

Valentine’s Day is always associated with chocolate, but marshmallows, a set of exotic nuts, heart-shaped strawberries, a coconut milk smoothie or vegan cheese can be a delicious gift. From these delicacies you can make an unforgettable evening buffet.

No matter how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day, enjoy every minute!

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