Natural cosmetics from vegetables Vegetable Beauty

The collection includes four cosmetic products for the face, hair and body.

Carrot Mask Vegetable Beauty

Oily, combination, dry – skin of any type needs competent cleansing and an additional portion of vitamins. Vegetable Beauty Carrot Mask cleanses without overdrying and soothes blemish-prone skin. Bio-organic components in the composition take care of the skin and nourish it with beneficial substances. Carrot extract cleanses, moisturizes and tones. Sage extract relieves inflammation and helps fight enlarged pores. Fomita mushroom extract (Fomes officinalis) normalizes sebum secretion and eliminates oily sheen. The skin is matte, velvety and hydrated. The mask has a delicate aroma of sweet orange and does not stain the skin! 

Vegetable Beauty Tomato Shampoo and Vegetable Beauty Olive Balm

When the opportunity arises to change from a winter jacket to a light spring coat, you want to look perfect! But if the hair after the winter is hopelessly dull and brittle, then the image may not work out. Two care products – Vegetable Beauty Shampoo with Tomato Extract and Vegetable Beauty Balm with Olive Extract – are designed to restore vitality to hair and make styling easier. The main components of these products – a truly Italian duet of juicy tomato and delicate olive – comprehensively eliminate the problems of weakened, damaged hair: strengthen the roots, defeat brittleness, enhance shine and moisturize the tips. The hair is again strong at the roots, voluminous and easy to comb. 

Vegetable Beauty Foot Cream with Avocado 

While the season of open shoes has not yet begun, it’s time to take care of the skin of the feet. Vegetable Beauty foot cream is a real salvation for owners of dry skin of the feet. Vegetable Beauty Cream with nourishing avocado extract softens and regenerates rough skin. Avocado, jojoba, shea and sesame oils smooth and soften, and the royal root in the composition prevents the appearance of cracks, corns and corns. The skin of the feet is again smooth and tender.

Vegetable Beauty Soap  

When looking for natural soap, don’t try to boil it. At Vegetable Beauty, everything is proportioned – olive oil, palmarosa oil and vegetable glycerin provide skin care, and 8 bright natural scents of each soap in the collection will make evenings truly unforgettable. Lavender, prickly pear, cucumber and even cocoa – and this is not the whole list of aromas that hit the target – relax, invigorate, charge with creative inspiration and set in a romantic mood. Vegetable Beauty soap is sold both individually and in gift sets – a real treasure for those who appreciate ethical and natural. 

The verdict is as follows: simple and clear compositions, efficiency, elegant design – the novelty, definitely, pleases in all respects! The price of vegetable cosmetics varies from 300 to 800 rubles (depending on the store and the product itself). For its segment – excellent value for money, quality and enjoyment of use. Cosmetics Vegetable Beauty is sold in pharmacies, you can also buy it on the websites and

You can get acquainted with the products and the history of the brand Vegetable Beauty.

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