Is Adolf Hitler a vegetarian?

There is a widespread myth on the Internet that Adolf Hitler was a strict vegetarian and an ardent advocate of animals. This information is often used by opponents of vegetarianism to indicate the predisposition of vegans and vegetarians to aggression and discrimination. However, do not believe everything that is written on dubious Internet resources. Adolf Hitler really tried to stick to a plant-based diet.

However, the reason for this was not ethical principles and love for animals, but solely a concern for their health. The Fuhrer experienced the greatest fear of illness and death. As you know, frequent consumption of meat products is the main cause of cancerous tumors. In the 1930s, Hitler noticed his health deteriorating and tried to lead a healthy lifestyle, including limiting his meat consumption.

However, these attempts were rather unsuccessful, since Adolf could not refuse his favorite Bavarian sausages. On the recommendation of doctors, Hitler also ate liver, fish, and other meat delicacies. There is also evidence that Adolf Hitler was fond of various oriental sciences. Obsessed with the idea of ​​superman, Hitler supported the theory that meat food pollutes the human body. But since his motivation was only caring for his own body, all his attempts to switch to a plant-based diet were unsuccessful. So, was Adolf Hitler really a vegetarian?

There are rumors that Hitler was an animal rights activist. However, if we examine in detail the philosophy and politics of Hitler, it becomes clear that this is far from the case. For the SS warrior, cruelty to animals was the norm – the members of the Hitlerjungand, according to the education program, raised their pets in order to then put them to cruel death with their own hands. Thus, they learned to be ruthless about the pain and suffering of the “inferior races.” From his soldiers, Hitler demanded to treat the lowest, in his opinion, nations, like animals.

This confirms once again that the feelings and lives of the animals of the Fuhrer did not care at all. In conclusion, it can be concluded that Adolf Hitler really strove to follow a vegetarian diet, as he understood that this would help him avoid many diseases and cleanse his body and mind. However, Hitler cannot be called a representative of vegetarianism, since Adolf did not succeed in completely and permanently excluding meat from the diet. And, of course, it is worth remembering the Eastern wisdom, which says that “being a vegetarian does not mean being a spiritual person, but being a spiritual person means being a vegetarian.”

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