Ideal sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is nutritional supplements that are produced for athletes: they are popular not only among professionals, but also among amateurs. There are supplements to increase endurance, develop strength, speed recovery, build muscle, strengthen joints and ligaments. High-quality sports nutrition should not be neglected, although it is worth remembering that it does not replace a complete diet and only serves as an additional assistant in creating a beautiful body. 

What is sports nutrition? 


Protein is a powder that is made up of concentrated proteins. Typically, protein is made from cow’s milk, as well as legumes and grains. The last two are suitable for vegans. Russian sports nutrition stores offer vegan protein infrequently. If you do not want to wait for a long delivery from foreign sites, order vegetable protein at. Here are the best protein brands: Genetic Lab, QNT and SAN. Vegan protein is obtained directly from plants, so it retains the maximum of useful natural properties. Rice and pea protein isolates are complete sources of amino acids rich in sodium, magnesium and calcium. Vegetable proteins are not inferior in composition to milk protein and help vegan muscles recover faster after exercise. 

Fat burners 

L-carnitine and guarana extract are the main ingredients of the most popular fat burners. They suppress appetite and increase the metabolic rate, so that the body quickly loses body fat. What is the difference between fat burners and? Male supplements often contain catecholamines, they increase the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine – this is good for the male body, but not very useful for the female. 


Protein-carbohydrate shakes are also called gainers, from the English gain (“grow”). Gainers help build muscle mass for those who are determined to become the owner of a relief body. Protein feeds the muscles with amino acids, and carbohydrates meet the body’s energy needs. Usually they drink a gainer 1-1,5 hours before class: it allows you to make the workout truly explosive. Bonus – after the effect of the gainer, you do not experience a sharp decline in strength or spikes in blood sugar, as if you had a snack of chocolate or cookies. 

Amino acids 

Amino acids are divided into essential and non-essential. The essentials are synthesized in our body, while the essentials must come from outside, through food and supplements. Amino acids form our muscles. During training, muscle fibers are destroyed, so additional amino acids are needed to productively repair damage to the muscles. In sports nutrition, individual amino acids are produced, as well as BCAAs – the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine under one cap. It fills the need for amino acids during sports and a low-calorie diet – amino acids are also found in protein, but in the form of BCAAs they are absorbed much better. Thanks to this supplement, you not only effectively burn fat, but also gain relief. 

Why ? 

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The range of products for vegans and vegetarians is constantly expanding, so stay tuned! 

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