Hunting and eating meat by the aborigines

Despite all of the above, there are situations in life in which you have to put up with eating meat. The indigenous inhabitants of the Far North, such as the Eskimos or the natives of Lapland, have no real alternative to hunting and fishing for survival and harmonious coexistence with their unique habitat.

What protects them (or at least those who, to this day, sacredly follow the traditions of their ancestors) from the unenviable lot of ordinary fishermen or hunters, is the fact that they consider hunting and fishing as some kind of sacred ritual. Since they do not distance themselves, fencing themselves off from the object of their hunt with feelings of their own superiority and omnipotence, we can say that their self-identification with those animals and fish that they hunt is based on deep reverence and humility before that single Spiritualizing Force that breathes life into all creatures without exception, penetrating and uniting them.

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