How useful is arugula and how to choose a good one



This herb has a spicy mustard flavor and nutty notes on the palate. Arugula is able to give a unique flavor to any dish, and it is very helpful, so it’s a must to include it in your daily menu.

Arugula is available in the month of May, but many have learned to grow it on window sills – it is beautiful, convenient, and useful.

Useful properties

Arugula contains alkaloids, flavonoids, vitamins K, C, b, A. It is rich in iodine, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium. Yet it contains malic acid, citric acid, mustard oil, steroids.


Arugula is good for those who suffer from stomach ulcers or gastritis because it strengthens the gastric wall.

Vitamin K helps in wound healing as it improves blood clotting.

Arugula is an excellent dietary product, it improves metabolism, it is especially good for people who intend to lose a few extra pounds because it gives a feeling of satiety.

This herb is an excellent remedy for the prevention of deficiency diseases. And it reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Oil arugula is also a valuable product, besides the fact that it is widely used in cooking, it found application in cosmetology. For example, masks with arugula oil strengthen hair and prevent hair loss.

How useful is arugula and how to choose a good one

How to choose the arugula

Buying arugula, it is important to choose not limp leaves they should be crisp, fresh, and evenly colored. Leaf size plays a big role in the taste of the arugula. The smaller the leaf, the arugula is more bitter.

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Where to add

Use arugula fresh or adding to salads. It is added to sandwiches, pizza, and sauces. It goes well with meat dishes and pasta dishes.

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