How to stay balanced while traveling

Any travel, movement, rapid changes, in terms of Ayurveda, increase Vata dosha in the body. That is why being on the road very often leads to symptoms such as gas formation, dry skin, insomnia, weakened immunity and fatigue. Thus, bringing the Vata dosha into balance is the key to a smooth journey. Ginger promotes the proper functioning of the digestive system. This is very important as Vata reduces the digestive capacity. Ginger is a warming spice that helps balance the coldness of Vata. Being carminative, ginger reduces gas formation. When traveling, try to drink hot water or warm liquids. They are available almost everywhere and help digestion work by preventing constipation and gas. It is recommended to maintain a daily routine as much as possible even in travel conditions. Following a daily routine (eating, exercising, working at the same time) maintains balance and maintains circadian rhythms. Nutmeg is a phenomenal plant for insomnia and jet lag, as well as aiding digestion. May be taken as a tea with ground nutmeg and cardamom added before bed to adjust to the time zone. A number of yogic breathing exercises are also effective in calming Vata dosha. They can be practiced almost anywhere. Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati, Brahmari Pranayama – these are the names of several breathing exercises that will come in handy on your journey.

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