losing weight fast in 2 weeks

A big fat occasion is knocking on your door, and you do not yet have the perfect body shape to dazzle in your dress or suit. Probably because of the extra pounds of weight that you have added of late.

You, however, do not need to worry getting the perfect shape, provided you start working on your shape from now.

Losing weight fast in 2 weeks is challenging at the very least, but it`s as well achievable. If you`re serious enough, then losing weight fat should be an easy endeavor.

However, as we have said before, besides dieting and exercising, losing weight requires a careful combination of determination and resolution.

Below is a guideline, or at least some of the practical tips that you need to follow to lose weight in a fortnight. This guide is particularly handy for those with significant weight to lose (15 to 20 lbs.)

Tips for Losing Weight Fast in 2 Weeks

workout regime

The first thing you ought to know when it comes to any weight loss program, for you to get rid of the fat and extra pounds, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Ideally, knowing your weight proportion might be a morale booster for you.

Skipping meals or starving yourself to death to slim down is not a viable option, and will do your more harm than good.

Therefore, if you are looking to shed some extra pounds, exercising might be a good place to start. However, not all exercises are suited for rapid weight loss; the best exercises for weight loss will stimulate and engage all your body muscle groups at the same time, and allow fast burning o calories.

The treadmill, in particular, might be the perfect option that will allow you to get closer to your goal.

Treadmills will not only help in boosting your stamina, strengthening your muscles but also boost all your entire body muscles.

For a successful quest for weight loss, you should give cardio more preference over weight training.

You need to understand, however, that if you are not accustomed to exercising, your body might first get a “shock,” but with time, it will get the hang of it.

We`re not in any way disparaging the benefits of following a reduction diet, but being overly obsessed is a waste of your time and energy. Keep in mind that 2 weeks is a limited period, and it may not be enough for the reduction diet.

Expectations for the 1st Week

For the 1st week, you will need to engage in an intensive workout regime, which will help in eliminating a relatively large amount of your weight.

However, you should set realistic goals, and do not expect to shed all the weight in 2 weeks. Ideally, you should set an achievable weight of 500 to 600 pounds.

Your workout should be accompanied by regular breaks to avoid exhaustion. In our case, you should have a maximum of 5 days working out and 2 rest days for every week. Tirelessly working yourself will make you feel tired and even sick.

Expectations for the 2nd Week

For the second week, you can either increase or tone down your exercises depending on the results of the first week.

If you feel that you need to lose extra pounds, you should either maintain or increase the intensity of the exercises.

If you feel you are set, you can then tone down the workouts.

The Diet Plan

diet plan

As you are already aware, weight loss is a combined effort of dieting and exercising. There’s however, plenty of fad diet plan that claims to assist you in losing weight fast.

In the section below, we shall provide you with a general overview of what your diet should include and when you should take it.

What Should I Eat?

To lose a pound of fat in a week, you should aim at reducing at least 3,500 calories from your diet.

Ideally, your diet for the next 2 weeks should be nutrient-rich, low-carb, high-protein and fiber-rich food.

You should aim at sourcing your nutrients from wholesome foods, which include whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins.

By “whole foods” we mean that foods that are literally in their whole form, and with minimal processing to keep them close to their original form as possible.

A perfect analogy would be comparing an apple fruit and apple juice. The latter lacks some of the important components such as the skin, seeds, and the flashy part. Consequently, the apple fruit offers all the goodness and is by far healthier than the apple juice.

Besides the wholesome foods and lean protein, color pigmentation (greens, purples, vibrant reds and blue) of many veggies and fruits is important for the overall health benefits.

When Should I Eat?

Rather than sticking to the three meals per day, you should have frequent but small meals over the course of the day. Aim for at least 5-6 meals.

Your breakfast, however, should be your biggest and most important meal of the day. After fasting for hours during the night, your body relies on what you eat right after hitting the blankets for sustenance for the rest of the day.

Finally, it`s always important to keep your body hydrated to assist in cleansing. Always ensure that you take 6-8 glasses of water even after the 2-week period has lapsed.

Bottom Line

Losing weight in 2 weeks is an overall approach. You cannot zone on specific parts of the body to target.

Though diet and exercises are a necessity for weight loss, you will need a healthy dose of motivation to go through the weight loss process.