How to Guaranteed to Kill the Liver of a Vegetarian

Depending on how a certain gene acts in the human body, the likelihood of diseases when drinking a drink may increase or remain at the same level. So far, scientists have not been able to determine the categories of people who will definitely benefit from coffee. The liver is an amazing organ consisting of two lobes: right and left, in which secondary lobes are distinguished: square and caudate. The liver is one of the few organs capable of restoring its original size even with only 25% of normal tissue remaining. Perhaps that is why a four-year study involving 766 people showed that regular coffee consumption slows down the development of hepatitis C and prevents pathological changes in the liver caused by this disease, associated with a significant increase in the production of oval cells, which are abnormal. Thus, the risk of deterioration in well-being among patients who drank 3 or more cups a day is 47% lower than among those who did not drink coffee at all. But at the same time, scientists noted that coffee will not protect healthy people from hepatitis. The liver plays a very special role in our body. Whatever delicious poison we eat, no matter how many invigorating drinks we drink, it will calmly take another blow of fate and play the role of a powerful treatment plant. Under the influence of caffeine, the pituitary gland secretes a hormone abundantly, which in turn stimulates the increased production of adrenaline. It is adrenaline that makes the heart beat faster and the liver produce more glucose. Hepatologists explain: caffeine destroys the liver by using liver enzymes (molecules that speed up chemical processes in the human body). When caffeine enters the body, it causes the enzymes to spend a lot of effort on its breakdown, while other substances that enter the bloodstream receive less attention from the enzymes involved in working with coffee. Thus, the effectiveness of the liver, aimed at detoxification (cleansing from toxins) of the body, is disrupted. No matter how sophisticated coffee processing technology is used, coffee loses its aroma during sublimation, so manufacturers resort to artificial flavors, dyes, and flavors. In addition, coffee takes iron and calcium from the body. which was unequivocally shown by the studies of the University of Guelph. As it turned out, the joint use of coffee and fatty foods, such as cake, not only harms people with metabolic diseases, but even in healthy people leads to a twofold increase in the peak blood sugar rate, and the overall picture of the blood composition begins to resemble developed diabetes. The causes of type 2 diabetes directly depend on the state of the liver: toxins and waste products that are in poorly filtered blood “burn” the surface of every cell in the body, regardless of its location.

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