How to choose good honey

Honey in a jar

If honey is sold sealed, it is extremely difficult for the buyer to assess its quality. However, you should not humbly hope for the honesty of manufacturers: there are some tricks that will help you not to get into trouble.

Natural honey is liquid and crystallized “”. The crystallization time depends both on the flowers from which the nectar is collected and on the temperature at which the honey was stored.

Most varieties of honey crystallize in. When buying candied honey (), you can be sure that it is real.


It is more difficult with liquid honey. Take a close look at it: particles of wax and pollen are clearly visible in natural bee honey… And never buy honey if you see two layers in the jar: denser at the bottom and more liquid at the top, is a clear falsification.

Only a few varieties of honey () remain liquid until spring.

Natural liquid honey in the middle of winter is very rare, so you should be careful when buying: you can slip either artificial or sugar (), and most often – cooked. The “shrunken” honey, heated to 40 degrees and above, becomes fluid again, but it loses almost all its useful properties. And it tastes sugary and caramel.

Honey by weight

If you buy honey in bulk or in bulk, it is much easier to assess its quality. You should not stop your choice on highly caked honeys – they look like monoliths of frozen butter or pieces of sugar sorbet, it is difficult to even cut them with a knife. Such a product is absolutely definitely not assembled this year, and maybe not even last year. What’s wrong with this honey? The fact that it contains components unknown to you. The fact is that honey actively absorbs moisture and odors during storage. Where are the guarantees that it was kept in good conditions?

By the way, by the weight of honey, you can determine how well it was stored and whether it was diluted with water: a kilogram should fit in a 0,8 liter jar (and if it does not fit, then there is too much water in it).

However, the most important thing is to taste the honey.

1) High-quality honey dissolves evenly, without residue in the mouth, no strong crystals or powdered sugar should remain on the tongue.

2) He is always a little tart and a little “tough” the throat. But the medicinal properties of honey () at the counter cannot be verified. However, at home, after swallowing a certain amount of honey, you will definitely feel its effect: for example, raspberry will throw you into sweat; if this did not happen, then there is one name from raspberries in honey.

A few little tricks

Stir a tablespoon of honey in a glass of clean hot water. Honey without additional impurities will completely dissolve; if you then add a little alcohol, the solution will not become cloudy, it will remain completely transparent (the only exception in this case will be honeydew honey from conifers).

There is another way – sprinkle a drop of honey with a pinch of starch. If the starch remains on top of the yellow droplet with a white cap, honey is excellent; if this did not happen – before you is falsification.

And the last thing. Buy honey from a producer beekeeper! Then you will know exactly on what land, in what month of summer or spring that amber treasure was collected, which gives us health and pleasure.

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