How to choose glasses for your computer

The choice of glasses today is huge – only lazy people do not sell them, on the Internet, in metro crossings and even on the train, you can see decent frames with “high-quality” lenses for reasonable money. But when talking about health and beauty, you need to remember that jokes with eyes are unacceptable. The first step when choosing glasses for a computer should be made to an ophthalmologist, who will check your vision and correctly help you choose glasses.


Functions of computer glasses


The main task of computer glasses is to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation that any monitor gives, no matter what the manufacturers promise us. To do this, a special coating is applied to the lenses, the amount of which depends on the type of activity. For working with texts, graphic images or just toys, the lenses are designed differently, so you need to consult a professional.

At the same time, computer glasses should protect the eyes as much as possible from the constant flickering of the screen, which dries the retina of the eye, leads to irritation, redness and itching.

Exercise glasses

Unusual glasses, in which transparent lenses are replaced by dark plastic with many small holes, were met by everyone. Reviews about them are very diverse, one thing is clear – there will be no harm from the use of training (they are also called correctional) glasses. Relaxation of the eyes and training of the eye muscles are necessary for everyone, especially those working at a computer.


Only a doctor should choose the training glasses, he will also tell you the optimal working time in these glasses. It should be remembered that they can only be worn in good daylight or bright artificial light and no more than three hours in a row a day.

Rules for selecting points for the computer

  • A prescription from an optometrist is the key to the health of your eyes, take the time to go to the doctor. For short-sighted people, as a rule, computer glasses write out one or two diopters less than glasses for permanent wear.
  • You need to buy glasses for a computer only in specialized optical salons, where, by the way, there are often specialists with the necessary equipment to check your vision.
  • Lenses with a special coating can be selected based on the budget, but it is necessary to take into account what is more important – increasing contrast or improving color reproduction. The most high-quality and time-tested lenses are produced by specialists from Switzerland, Germany and Japan, but their foods a priori can not be cheap.
  • The eyeglass frame may not be the most beautiful (but if your workplace is not a home computer, then this is also important), but it must be comfortable, not falling off and not causing discomfort.
  • The indicator of the correct choice of glasses is only one-when working on a computer in the selected glasses, the eyes do not get tired and do not hurt.

Often, when selecting ordinary glasses, they offer to make a special anti-computer coating on the lenses. If the time spent at the computer is small, this option is quite suitable, in other cases, you need to think about purchasing special glasses. Take care of yourself and your eyesight, be healthy.

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