How to beat a cold: tips from around the world


South Korea

In the “country of morning freshness” all kinds of spices are passionately loved. And at the first symptoms of a cold, they willingly use the most popular remedy – spicy ginger tea. “Tea” drink is called rather conditionally: it includes black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. All components are taken in equal proportions, mixed and poured with boiling water. Honey is added for flavor.

And another “burning” way from Koreans is kimchi. These are fermented vegetables richly seasoned with hot spices (red pepper, ginger, garlic). Dishes become “blood red” from spices, but relieves colds instantly. 


The Japanese “trust” their health to traditional green tea. Bancha, hojicha, kokeycha, sencha, gyokuro – on the islands there are a huge number of varieties of green tea that they drink every day. With a cold, the Japanese prefer to lie down in bed, wrap themselves in a warm blanket and slowly drink freshly brewed green tea throughout the day. At least 10 cups per day. The drink warms, tones. Tea contains catechins – organic substances that have a powerful antiviral effect.

The second way to fight the disease is umeboshi. These are traditional pickled plums, which are also soaked in … green tea. 


Hindus use milk. For a country known for its attitude towards cows (of which there are more than 50 million heads), this is quite logical. Warm milk is complemented with turmeric, ginger, honey and black pepper for a delicious drink with a “crazy” flavor. The tool helps to strengthen the immune system and overcome viruses. 


Tiger balm is a stronger version of the “asterisk” known to everyone since childhood. The tiger in Asia is a symbol of health and strength, and the balm helps to gain strength so quickly that it fully deserves its name. It contains many essential oils, including eucalyptus. It is enough to rub the sinuses and chest before going to bed, as in the morning there will be no trace of a cold. That’s what they say in Vietnam anyway. 


A simple turnip serves as a “salvation” for Iranians who have caught a cold. In the country, root vegetable puree is prepared, for which large-cut turnips are boiled to the utmost softness, kneaded in puree and sprinkled with herbs a little. The resulting dish has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes sleep and relieves annoying symptoms of the disease.



In Egypt, you can be offered black cumin oil – this remedy is added to herbal tea. You can drink it, or you can just breathe over a fragrant broth. 


A simple but effective way to fight a cold is popular among Brazilians: lemon juice, a clove of garlic, eucalyptus leaves, a little honey – and pour boiling water over this “mixture”. It turns out a real Brazilian antiviral “cocktail”. Tasty and healthy! 


In the jungles of South America, a tall tree with pink foliage grows, it is called an ant tree. From the bark of the plant, Peruvians make lapacho – herbal tea, from which a refreshing drink of brown color and bitter taste comes out. It is drunk cold and thus exterminates microbes. The bark contains many minerals (potassium, calcium and iron). Just a liter of this tea per day – and you are back on your feet! 


The Turks prefer to cleanse the nose and throat of the symptoms of the disease with the help of green lentils. Selected grains (about a glass) are boiled in a liter of water. The resulting broth is drunk warm or hot in small sips. Taste for an amateur, but the effect has been tested by many generations.


“Children of Hellas” traditionally rely on the gifts of local nature. And quite justified. For a cold, the Greeks take fresh sage, a handful of which is simply poured with water and boiled for 15 minutes. After straining, honey is added to the drink. Drink 3-5 cups a day until the symptoms disappear.


Slavs in the Balkans use the well-known onion to fight cold and flu viruses. Croatians make an ingeniously simple drink – two small onions are boiled in a liter of water until they become soft. Honey and lemon juice are added to the broth so that it can still be drunk.  


And the Dutch just eat candy. Black licorice sweets called “drop” are not only one of the favorite treats of the country’s inhabitants, but also an effective remedy for sore throats. Sweets have a characteristic salty taste and help relieve inflammation. 


The French drink mineral water – 2-3 liters a day for colds. The country produces many types of “mineral water” with a variety of indicators. When you are sick, your body becomes acidic, and alkaline water helps to neutralize this. 

   United Kingdom 

The stiff English have invented one of the most delicious ways to fight a cold. Throughout the day, the Briton drinks 3-5 glasses of mixed citrus juice from oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines. Such a “cocktail” contains a titanic concentration of vitamin C. In a shock dose, it not only destroys a cold, but also strengthens the body. 


The method is familiar and effective: dissolve 2 tablespoons of fresh, finely grated horseradish in a liter of boiling water. After that, insist 10 minutes, cool and drink 1-2 times a day. What is left of the “drink” – leave in the refrigerator. More useful. 


The northern people of Europe are treated in a bath. Well, where else can Finns get rid of a cold, if not in a sauna? After the steam room, it is recommended to drink diaphoretic tea from linden, currant leaves and sea buckthorn. For taste, you can add any jam you like to tea. Finns also drink hot blackcurrant juice for colds, which contains a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants. 


Honey, onion and garlic in any combination, consistency and type. Traditional medicine in the fight against colds uses only these components. Try taking a large spoonful of honey with grated garlic before meals. But onion juice is often used to make nasal drops. 


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