Homemade eyelash serums! Try to make them yourself
Homemade eyelash serums! Try to make them yourselfHomemade eyelash serums! Try to make them yourself

Each of the women wants to charm with a look from under long, thick eyelashes. However, for their appearance to delight, they must be carefully cared for. Great effects can be achieved thanks to ready-made conditioners, whose wide selection on the market is provided by cosmetics manufacturers. You should know that we should take care of eyelash care every day. The action of all conditioners, when our eyelashes are already strongly weakened, will be much more time-consuming and arduous. Therefore, it is important to remember the golden rule: prevention is better than cure.

At the very beginning, you should try, above all, conditioners, both those bought and those made at home. Treatments available in beauty salons – thickening and extending eyelashes gives fantastic results. However, they are also harmful to the eyelashes themselves. Therefore, it is recommended to use them as a last resort when all else has failed.

Here are ways to help your eyelashes:

  1. Choose good quality eyelash serums and mascaras based on natural ingredients. It is also worth giving your eyelashes a rest and not painting them every day.
  2. Use a mild makeup remover to remove makeup.
  3. At night, use eyelash conditioners on well-cleaned eyelashes.

Below are additional products that you can buy yourself and use in home eyelash care:

  • petrolatum: thanks to it, eyelashes become thicker, stronger and prettier
  • castor oil: is the basis of many skin care cosmetics. It can be used as a base for creating a homemade conditioner. You can use an old mascara brush to apply it. When used regularly, it thickens eyelashes, rebuilds them and slightly darkens them. It is rich in vitamins, thanks to which it nourishes eyelash bulbs and smoothes their structure.
  • coconut oil: has protective properties, regenerating. Perfectly moisturizes eyelashes and makes them more flexible. It prevents them from falling out.
  • Argan oil: strengthens, moisturizes, rebuilds eyelashes

At home, it is worth preparing your own conditioner using the products mentioned above:

  • conditioner based on castor oil: 20 drops of oil should be mixed with the same amount of almond oil, adding a teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Mix everything thoroughly and apply at night.
  • conditioner based on aloe vera gel. Mix ½ teaspoon of gel with ½ teaspoon of avocado oil, which nourishes and adds shine. Avocado oil can be replaced with castor oil or vitamin E in capsules (accelerates growth)
  • conditioner based on olive oil and castor oil. Carefully apply the mixed oils on cleansed lashes. Apply preferably with a washed brush from an old mascara. The treatment repeated regularly, 2-3 times a week, will make eyelashes fuller, longer and shiny. For a better effect, add lemon zest to the mixture and leave the whole thing for about a week, so that all the ingredients mix well.

When using all kinds of conditioners, remember that the effects will be visible after about 3-4 weeks of regular use.



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