Hand workout for women

Hand workout for women

Do this Courtney Gardner workout once a week or when you are short on time and your arms will be strong, bumpy and sexy!

Author: Hobart Swan

There are tons of “women’s hand workouts” on the Internet. In most cases, the exercises are shown by a lively young girl who does hundreds of repetitions with kilogram pink dumbbells, while dancing to the music, jumping in place, or simply posing for the camera.

The proposed workout has nothing to do with this. The intensive program will make you sweat, but everything about everything will take less than half an hour.

Courtney Gardner’s Intense Arm Workout is based on sets of up to ten repetitions with short rest periods. It contains supersets and doubles. Your hands will burn and your heart will jump out of your chest as you finish these six unrelenting exercises.

Intensive 30 Minute Hand Workout for Women

3 approach to 10 repetitions
3 approach to 10 repetitions
3 approach to 10 repetitions
Keep your feet on the floor

3 approach to 10 repetitions

Normal execution:
3 approach to 10 repetitions
Do 10 reps, decrease the weight, and then do 10 more reps without rest. Reduce the weight again and do 10 more reps.

3 approach to 10 repetitions

Technique Tips

EZ Barbell Biceps Curl

The goal of this exercise is to work your biceps, so keep your elbows pressed to your sides, otherwise your chest and shoulder muscles will take on some of the load. Only the biceps should work, in each repetition.

Dumbbell curls

A slightly modified version of the classic biceps curl, in which the arms are fully extended. Here, one arm is constantly bent at a right angle, which increases the time under load. It turns out that you are resisting the force of gravity even with a “resting” hand. The more reps you do, the more tempting you will be to drop your hand. Do not give up, force yourself to hold the “non-working” hand at a 90 degree angle.

Overhead Triceps Extension

One of the best exercises for triceps. To get the most out of it, keep your elbows as close to each other as possible and press your triceps at the top. Keep your core tense throughout each set.

Push ups from the bench

Place your hands on a bench about hip-width apart to avoid unnecessary strain on your shoulders. Feet can be placed on the floor or on another bench.

Bending with a grip “hammer” on the block

In all the previous exercises, you used a supinated grip (palms facing up and forward). It’s time to switch to a neutral grip, in which the hands are perpendicular to the torso, and the palms are facing each other. Changing the grip will allow you to work the same muscles from a slightly different angle.

Triceps Extension on the upper block

Finish this short hand workout with a burnout drop set. Do 10 reps, decrease the weight, and then do 10 more reps without rest. Reduce the weight again and do 10 more reps. This is the last exercise in your workout, so you can go all out – even when you feel like cement is running through your veins and your arms are about to fall off.

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