Gardenia flower Tahitian: reproduction and cultivation

Gardenia flower Tahitian: reproduction and cultivation

Delicate tropical gardenia flower is quite picky about growing conditions and care. But its breeding will not cause difficulties if you know its features and adhere to certain rules when planting.

Description and reproduction of gardenia

More than 200 species of this plant are found in the humid hot forests of East Asia or Africa. In nature, these are shrubs or trees with strong shoots, opposite, glossy leaves and very beautiful flowers in the form of a bell or funnel, which have different colors. Flowering lasts from July to November.

The gardenia flower needs a period of winter dormancy

Some species have adapted well to indoor conditions. An alternative to buying a flower would be one of the following breeding methods:

  • Cuttings. This is a relatively simple option. In February, cut off the apical cuttings that have begun to wood, hold it a little in a solution of potassium permanganate and plant in a mixture of sand and peat. Cover them with plastic wrap or jars. At room temperature, regular moisture and airing, rooting will occur in a month.
  • Seeds. This path is longer and requires attention. The seeds can be harvested by yourself or bought in the store, choosing only fresh ones. Soak them in water for a day, sow them to a depth of 5 mm, moisten and cover with foil. In a month, some of them will sprout. Plant slightly grown seedlings in separate pots and cover with jars. When they grow up, transplant again.

Plant the seedlings in loose, nutritious, acidic soil, and put a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot. The plant grown from the cuttings will bloom in the current season, and when propagated by seeds only in a year.

Growing gardenia in an apartment

It is not enough to plant a flower. In nature, it grows up to 20 years, but in an apartment with good care it can live for 10 years. To do this, you need to pay attention to the conditions for its breeding:

  • Well lit place. The western or eastern side is best suited, where you do not need to shade the bush from direct sunlight or turn on additional lamps.
  • Temperature conditions. The room should be warm, in summer +22, and in winter not lower than + 16 ° C. Sudden changes and drafts are unacceptable.
  • High humidity. In addition to the obligatory watering, abundant in the heat and more scarce in the cool time, spray before blooming, wipe the leaves, and put a container of water next to it.

Plants are sensitive to changes, they can shed their buds when there is a lack of light, transplanting or rearranging to another place.

Only undersized varieties such as jasmine and Tahitian gardenia take root in the apartment. They attract with exotic beauty and pleasant aroma and create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

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