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The problem of small stature makes life difficult for many people. Proof of this is not only the reports of psychologists, but also hundreds of new questions for specialists, left on forums and websites on medicine and sports.

People of all ages are interested in whether it is possible to “deceive” nature and increase their actual height by at least a couple of centimeters. All their questions are answered by qualified nutritionists, physiologists and scientists from around the world in their publications.

Is it realistic to increase your height with nutrition?

The actual height of a person is determined by genetics. However, there are a number of external factors that also have a huge impact on it. Among them are a healthy lifestyle, sleep, exercise and, of course, proper nutrition. It is from food that the body receives useful substances that allow it to intensively “build up” connective tissues, in particular bone and cartilage.

Moreover, it is food that contains arginine. This amino acid promotes the release of growth hormone and, as a result, increases the actual growth of a person. By the way, arginine “works” more effectively when paired with other amino acids – lysine and glutamine, which are also found in food.


Nowadays, a person can resort to the use of food additives or drugs that stimulate the production of certain hormones. However, doctors warn about the dangers of such methods. First, being small does not always mean a lack of growth hormone in the body. And, secondly, its overabundance can cause an overkill of the final growth. As a result, having got rid of one problem, a person will have to look for a solution to another. In the case of the correct use of the necessary foodstuffs, there can be no disastrous results.

Diet to increase height

Those who want to increase their height need to diversify their diet as much as possible. It must contain various vegetables and fruits, dairy products, meat, fish, nuts and legumes. All of them will provide the supply of vitamins and minerals, which will not only help to increase growth, but also to stay healthy and as energetic as possible.

However, for the natural production of growth hormone, it is extremely important to enrich your body with protein, vitamins and minerals, namely:

  • Protein of plant or animal origin. It is indispensable for tissue growth and renewal. And it is on its presence that the production of enzymes and hormones, including growth hormone, depends.
  • Vitamin A. The effect of this vitamin on the body can hardly be overestimated. It improves vision and skin condition, boosts immunity and increases growth rates.
  • Vitamin D. It is involved in the formation of bone tissue.
  • Soluble and insoluble fiber. It speeds up the passage of food through the digestive system and promotes its absorption, as well as the elimination of toxins and toxins.
  • Minerals – calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium. All of them are responsible for the growth of bones and the body itself.

However, we must not forget that the same diet can have different effects on different people. First of all, this is due to individual reactions to certain foods. Although the final result also depends on gender, age, health status of a person, illnesses suffered by him, climate, and even the quality and quantity of food eaten. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum effect, it is imperative that you consult your doctor or dietitian before using this diet.

Top 12 products for growth

Milk. A versatile growth product. It is both an excellent source of protein and a drink that improves digestion. The recommended daily allowance is 2-3 glasses.

Eggs. They contain not only protein, but also vitamin D (in the yolk). To notice a clear result, you need to eat 3-6 eggs a day.

Chicken. Another source of protein that contributes to the growth of bone and muscle tissue.

Beef and beef liver. In addition to protein, they also contain iron – an essential mineral for any growing organism.

Oatmeal. A source of vegetable protein, fiber and iron.

Yogurt. It contains the protein and calcium needed to build muscle and increase bone. In addition, regular consumption of yogurt improves digestion and metabolism.

Water. Drinking enough fluids (about 8 glasses a day) improves digestion and metabolism.

Cod. In addition to vitamins A and D, it also contains calcium and phosphorus. Plus, it’s a great source of protein. You can replace cod with salmon, tuna, or seafood.

Rice, pearl barley. They contain not only vitamins and minerals, which have a tremendous effect on the growth and general condition of the body, but also fiber, which is necessary for a good metabolism.

Nuts. They contain vegetable protein, magnesium and zinc.

Cabbage. It is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients, including calcium, which is necessary to increase bone tissue.

Avocado. It contains both vegetable protein and magnesium.

What else will help increase your height

  1. 1 Sport activities… Any physical activity improves metabolism and strengthens muscles. But it is the stretching exercises that provide the flexibility of the spine and improve the nutrition of the cartilage and bone tissue.
  2. 2 Dream… Studies have shown that during sleep, the body actively produces growth hormone. Therefore, a good night’s sleep is the key to good growth.
  3. 3 Quitting alcohol, smoking and unhealthy food… They poison the body and impair the functioning of all its organs and systems. In addition, they are all kind of growth retarders.
  4. 4 Outdoor walks and sunbathing… Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D. A lack of it leads to weakening of bone tissue and, as a result, poor posture and decreased growth. It is better to take a walk early in the morning or in the evening, when the harm from exposure to ultraviolet rays is minimal.
  5. 5 Correct posture… It is she who helps to relax the muscles of the back and straighten the spine.
  6. 6 Striving for ideal weight… Lack of extra pounds will have a positive effect on the intensity of a person’s growth. The main thing to remember is that ideal weight has nothing to do with being too thin.

From school, we know that a person grows up in puberty, which lasts up to 16-17 years, since it is at this time that an intensive production of growth hormone is carried out. However, yoga proponents claim that stretching and spinal straightening exercises can work wonders at any age. A striking example of this is Darwin Smith, who added 17 cm in height. He stated that “a person’s height by 35% depends on his health and muscle tone, and not on the level of hormones in the blood.” He also created a system called “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”, in which he told how he managed to achieve such results so that everyone could use his methods and test their effectiveness for themselves.

And although not all scientists shared his position, they nevertheless agreed that proper nutrition and sports can change people’s lives beyond recognition. Moreover, in this case, it is not only about their growth.

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