Raw food and carrots

A raw food diet in Russia, especially in its northern part, is a rather difficult occupation, not only for humans, but also for animals. For example, cows, being warm-blooded mammals without fur, are artificially brought into our harsh lands and without a person they simply die in the first winter due to the cold and lack of food.

The man found a way out of this situation and adapted to warm himself, as well as deliver food from the south. But these products are not always fresh, natural and affordable. But the main fuel for humans is glucose (it is not in vain that it is used as food for people in a coma). The best source of glucose is, of course, fresh, ripe fruits, but carrots are also abundant! That is why it has a pleasant sweetish taste.

Carrots are a root vegetable, but despite this they taste good raw and therefore they are so fond of many raw food eaters living in temperate and subarctic latitudes. It is high in calories and contains 40 calories per 100 grams – almost like peaches! And of course, most people know that carrots contain a lot of beta-carotene and vitamin A, but despite this, the relationship between improving vision and eating carrots has not yet been proven. For almost all raw foodists, carrots are easy to digest and do not cause any problems. In addition, carrots can be stored for a long time and are present on store shelves almost all winter, and their low cost allows you to reduce the already high costs for live food. Truly, carrots are the savior of Russian raw foodists! A great way to eat carrots is to make simple salads.

The recipe for one of these salads:

– Carrots grated on a grater

– chopped greens (dill, arugula, any other to taste)

– lemon juice Bon appetit!

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