Foods that don’t belong in the freezer

This method of storage, such as freezing, is becoming more and more popular. In the season of vegetables and fruits, people try to preserve the summer harvest as much as possible or just bought it in the market for future use, and the freezer is the best helper for those who cannot afford the complexity of conservation. But not all products feel good in the freezer, in order not to waste space in the refrigerator and not throw away failed blanks, you need to know a number of rules.

Rule No.1. No need to put in the freezer what you don’t want to eat today just because it’s a pity to throw it away. After freezing, the taste of the product will not improve. What’s more, it will only get worse because freezing changes the texture of the food. It is better not to take up space in the refrigerator in vain.

Etcrule number 2.  Raw vegetables and fruits with a high water content (such as cucumbers, watermelon, oranges) will not be eaten in the same form after defrosting. Moisture that holds the shape of a fresh product won’t work. Imagine a thawed tomato on top of a salad – no! But in the soup, he will find a use for himself.

Rule No.3. Creams, cheese chunks, yoghurts feel terrible in the freezer. The whey separates from the product, and instead of curd you will get a strange substance. Again, if dairy is going to be used for cooking in the future, then this option may be considered.

СList of products that are not recommended to be frozen:

celery, cucumbers, lettuce, raw potatoes, radishes, cabbage.

apples, grapefruits, grapes, lemons, limes, oranges (but you can freeze the zest), watermelon.

cheese (especially soft varieties), cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt.

basil, green onion, parsley and other soft herbs.

fried foods, pasta, rice, sauces (especially those containing flour or corn starch).

Pastries sprinkled with crumbs will suffer the same fate as fried foods, they will become soft and raw.

Pepper, cloves, garlic, vanilla after freezing, as a rule, become bitter with a strong taste.

Onions and sweet peppers change the smell in the freezer.

Curried foods may have a rotten taste.

Salt loses flavor and contributes to rancidity in fatty foods.

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