Feng Shui: prosperity and abundance in the home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of creating and maintaining harmony based on the principles of energy, movement and balance. There are many practices, daily options for how you can apply Feng Shui in your life. At the same time, it is not a panacea for everything that bothers you. Feng Shui is designed to strengthen and maintain the harmonization of your environment, subject to stable work to improve the quality of life.

According to Feng Shui traditions, our physical environment (environment) influences every aspect of our inner and outer life. Well-being and abundance are key aspects of the main areas of life. You can start improving your environment according to the following guidelines:

One of the schools of Feng Shui suggests dividing the house into 9 areas. Imagine an octahedron on top of your house. Each face of the octagon corresponds to an area of ​​your life, centered on the ninth area. Having crossed the threshold of your house, its rear left part will be a territory of prosperity and abundance. This can be true for a house, a private room, as well as a garden or office.

It is believed that the front door is an entrance not only for people, but also for the energy that reigns in the house. It is important to keep the entrance to the house clean so that more positive energy can enter and circulate. Make sure your front door is clear of hanging plants, stray dogs, and more. Also, from the inside of the entrance it is necessary to keep cleanliness and accuracy.

Purple, green, red, blue – these colors are associated with the presence of abundance in the room. This does not mean that you need to decorate the walls of the room in all the colors of the rainbow. It is enough to have something from furniture in such a color scheme, a drawing on the wall, decoration and some inclusions in the overall design.

It is believed that by increasing the flow of energy in the area of ​​well-being of your home, you improve the overall well-being of your home. To increase the flow of energy, place a plant (flower) for growth in all areas of life. Slow-growing ones, such as jade flower, are best suited. Pictures of lush green landscapes would be just as good. Keep a plate of fruit on the dining table as a symbol of abundance. You can hang a large mirror in front of the table to reflect what is on it and symbolically double the well-being of your table.

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