More about vegetable oils

Have you ever thought about which oils are the most preferred in terms of health? And what kind of oil is better to use depending on the purpose? Vegetable oils are like a slippery minefield. Extracted or cold pressed oil? Refined or unrefined? Many subtleties in which it is easy to get confused, we propose to consider in more detail. Some general information It is considered higher quality, because it is not subjected to high temperatures during processing, and also retains the taste and original characteristics of the oil. . Most corn and canola oils are genetically modified. However, organic certification ensures that it is non-GMO. Peanuts are one of the crops most exposed to pesticide spraying, which is why organic certification is very important here. . Refined oils are devoid of a pronounced aroma, they are designed for use when frying at high temperatures. At the same time, unrefined oil is less processed, has a richer flavor and is often of higher quality. However, be careful when using this oil at high temperatures, as it tends to go rancid faster. . All vegetable oils combine mono- and polyunsaturated fats. According to a professional from a gastroenterological resource, a high content of monosaturated fats is better. Indeed, monosaturated fats are superior in preventing cardiovascular disease, despite the fact that both types of fats raise good cholesterol levels in the blood. Coconut oil Most nutritionists will say that coconut oil is not good for humans. However, some studies show that it lowers bad cholesterol levels. Preferably unrefined. Olive oil If you could only have one oil in your kitchen, it would be olive oil. However, it is not quite suitable for high heat treatment, and not everyone likes its flavor. Oil of a walnut Tender, tasty, nutritious, but very perishable. Store it in the refrigerator and use it for salads, but for frying. Avocado oil Nutritious and full of good fats, suitable for frying. Cons: it is very expensive, and therefore it is expensive to use it for frying. In addition, it is extremely perishable. Buy oils in opaque containers and store in the refrigerator. If the oil is not perishable, then a regular cabinet is suitable for storage. Never keep a mala in direct sunlight.

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