Fear or illusion?

What is fear? A feeling caused by threat, danger, or pain. In most cases, we humans tend to dramatize the situation, developing an inner fear that “whispers” various unpleasant things to us. But is it objectively the feeling of fear?

Often we are faced with a situation in which our attachment to fear about a particular problem is greater than the problem itself. In some cases, this insidious enemy tends to develop certain complexes and personality disorders in the long run! To prevent this from happening to you or someone close to you, we suggest that you consider together effective methods for freeing yourself from a destructive feeling of fear.

A sense of confidence can come when we think of ourselves in a positive way. The conscious control of thoughts and visualization can be of great service to us, which cannot be said about the fear that grows like a snowball, which is often not justified. In moments of intense anxiety, we tend to imagine the worst possible outcome of an event, thereby attracting trouble into our lives. It makes no sense to get rid of the symptoms when it is necessary to eliminate the cause: to overcome internal anxiety, we replace negative slides with thoughts about a positive resolution of the situation. As trite as it may seem, an optimistic attitude creates strength.

The best way to deal with fear is to find it in yourself and … go towards it. For example, you are afraid of spiders. Start by simply staring at the spider while being careful not to shake in terror. Next time you will notice that you can touch it, and after a while even pick it up.

It is important to remember that the feeling of fear is part of the protective function of the body. Our task is only to recognize whether the feeling is objective or false. Suppression of fear is the way to let fear take over our subconscious mind and become the cause of constant anxiety. Instead of avoiding or responding to fear in a panic, embrace it. Acceptance is the first step to overcoming.

A – accept: accept and acknowledge the presence of fear. You cannot fight something that you don’t acknowledge exists. W – watch the anxiety: having accepted, analyze the degree of fear from 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest point. Rate your feeling. A – acting normally. Try to be natural. For many, this may seem complicated, but it is worth a try. At some point, the brain begins to take control of the situation. R – repeat: if necessary, repeat the above sequence of actions. E – expect the best: expect the best from life. Taking control of the situation means, among other things, that you are ready for the most favorable outcome of any situation.

Many people consider their fears to be unique. It is worth understanding that what you are afraid of was most likely faced by a lot of people before you and even more after you, in subsequent generations. The space of options for resolving certain problems is huge and has already been passed more than once, a way out of fear already exists. Fear, which is more likely to be just an illusion.

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