Electromagnetic radiation is an invisible killer

You don’t see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Don’t forget about the invisible killer. Avoid it where possible.   Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a man-made and growing threat in today’s world. We need to know what it is, what its sources are, and how it harms, in order to minimize negative health impacts as much as possible. If you’re wondering why, while leading a fairly healthy lifestyle, you still often get sick, it turns out that you may be a victim of this silent killer.

There are two types of EMF – natural and man-made. We will be discussing here man-made EMFs, which pose a far greater threat to our health. They surround us, but we do not pay attention to the extent of the damage that they can cause to our health and the health of our children. This is the dark side of technology and the price we have to pay for upgrades and convenience.

What is electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?

EMP is an invisible force that occurs when an electrical current passes through an electrical device. Electric and magnetic fields affect everything around them.

The field intensity changes with voltage. The higher the voltage, the stronger the electric fields. The interaction between electricity and magnetic fields produces electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

The effects of electric fields can sometimes be felt. For example, a tingling sensation may be felt. However, the magnetic field passes through most things imperceptibly. It is an energy that takes the form of waves as it propagates outward from its source, much like the ripples on water that occur when a pebble falls into it. EMP travels through space at the speed of light, which is about 300 million meters per second, and it interacts with things in its path.

How EMF affect our health

We are actually also electro-magnetic beings, micro electric currents are generated by us and control our bodily functions such as growth, metabolism, thoughts, movements, etc. Disturbances in the electrical network of our body can cause malfunctions in our internal organs, especially the brain.

Exposure to a serial external frequency for several minutes can disrupt the electrical functionality of our body. This applies even to exposure to very weak EMFs.

Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to EMF can weaken the brain’s defense mechanism and cause mental disorders such as depression, poor concentration, and insomnia. It also interferes with the body’s natural healing process.

Our human bodies are very sensitive to EMF. When we interact with natural energies, we enhance the natural balance in our energy system. But when we are exposed to man-made EMFs that are unnatural for our body, they create a chaotic situation that is detrimental to our health. Our bodies absorb and store energy fields that weaken our immune system, leaving us susceptible to various diseases.

Some diseases associated with constant EMF exposure are: headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, memory loss, miscarriages, birth defects, leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, and even cancer.

Electro-pollution: look at the dangers around you.

Radio waves

Radio waves are the energy emitted by radio stations. All wireless technologies have their own frequency band, including remote controls, home alarm systems, cordless phones, cell phones, radios, remote control toys, Global Positioning System (GPS), etc.

Radio waves can overheat the organs of our body without affecting the skin. The thermal effects of these devices have been proven to be very harmful, resulting in: headaches, sleep disturbance, impaired concentration, increased blood pressure, eye damage, especially when taking eye medications, childhood leukemia, the development of cancer cells in the brain, and much more. .

Cell Phone Precautions:

Avoid using mobile or cordless phones for extended periods if possible.

If you really must use the phone, don’t talk for long and use the speakerphone.

Use an external speaker that allows you to keep your phone away from your head.

If you wear glasses, switch to plastic frames and non-metal accessories. The conductive material can serve as an antenna and send radio waves directly to your brain.

Television Waves – Extremely Low Frequency Waves (ELF)

A TV emits EMF in all directions while it is on, not just when it is turned on. Larger screens can emit a stronger field, which can even penetrate walls. Other devices that emit ELF: computers, laser printers, copiers, electric blankets, electric clocks.

Some of the health risks from prolonged exposure to a computer are: miscarriages, low birth weight in newborns, vision and hearing problems, immune suppression, hyperactivity in young children, skin irritation, etc. . Precautions for using TVs and displays:

Move at least 24 inches away from the screen.

EMI travels from all sides of the computer, especially from the top and rear. Move at least three feet away from a computer that is in use.

Avoid working on the computer for more than two hours a day.

Turn off the power of your TV or computer when not in use.

Wear safety glasses if possible to reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which can cause cataracts.

Put some live plants next to the computer. Leaves can absorb infrared radiation.

power plants

Power lines have very high voltages and emit electric and magnetic fields. How far is your home from power lines? The safe distance is about 1000 meters.

Substations can be located close to the house and they emit very strong magnetic fields. The farther your home is located from any power plants or transformer, the better.  

Scientific studies have found a link between increased cancer rates and proximity to power lines. In another study, epidemiologist Dr. Nancy Wertheimer of the University of Colorado showed that children living near power lines were three times more likely to develop leukemia and cancer. Children are more susceptible to EMF exposure.

Many other studies have confirmed their findings and found an increased risk of leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors, brain and nervous system cancers. There is also evidence of an association between EMF and such phenomena as sudden infant death, fatigue, headaches, central nervous system disorders and exhaustion.

Dangers from the field of medicine

Diagnostic x-rays expose you to unnecessary radiation. A professor and director of medical physics in London wrote: “Medical exposure is by far the largest man-made contribution to the radiation burden of the population of developed countries.”


X-rays of ionizing radiation cause irreparable damage to our body. There is no such thing as a “safe” x-ray. X-rays have more energy than light waves and can pass through the body. The radiation energy can cause damage to cells in the body, which increases the risk of cancer. Even if the risk is quite low, it increases with the number of x-rays you are exposed to during your lifetime.


CT scan (computed tomography) is a moving beam of x-rays that creates a three-dimensional image (for example, of the brain). And so the dose of radiation received is much higher than that of a standard x-ray. Young children undergoing such examinations are at much greater risk.


Ionizing radiation in mammography puts the body at great risk. The dose of radiation received is 1000 times greater than that of a chest x-ray. Breast tissues are extremely susceptible to radiation. So you can see that mammograms can trigger the development of breast cancer, which women want to avoid by getting an annual mammogram! Avoid this at all costs.

Dangers in the house

Most household electrical appliances also emit EMF, but this is much less dangerous.  

Here are some of them:

Fluorescent lamp. It emits EMP of visible and ultraviolet light. Prolonged exposure to a fluorescent lamp has been found to cause agglutination of red blood cells, decreased alertness, and feelings of fatigue. Always opt for natural sunlight if possible.

Electric watches also emit electrical energy. Don’t put them near your bed if possible.

Electric blankets create EMFs that can penetrate 6-7 inches into the body. Research linked electric blankets to miscarriages and childhood leukemia.

Other electrical appliances that emit low levels of EMF: hair dryer, electric shaver, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.

Precautions you can take at home:

Grow indoor plants. Plants are natural eco-friendly air purifiers and their leaves can absorb infrared radiation.

Use electrical appliances for brief periods. Turn off the power when not in use.

Remove all electrical appliances at least 6 meters from the bed.

Don’t put your cell phone under your pillow as an alarm clock. It emits EMF even when not in use.

Limit the time your children spend in front of the TV and computers.

Minimize the use of electrical devices such as radios and microwaves. Turn off the power when not in use.








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