Cold … We continue training

With the arrival of cold weather, the prospect of staying at home on the couch becomes more tempting than exercising in the fresh air. However, the cold provides additional bonuses to the benefits of exercise. Read on and let this article be another incentive for you to get outside.

It is well established that exercising in the cold is especially relevant when there is not enough daylight. Reduced production of vitamin D, which we get from the sun, is the main cause of winter depression. With the help of physical activity, the production of endorphins increases, so efforts will not be in vain. Research at Duke University in the US has shown that cardio increases mood better than antidepressants.

Exercising outdoors in winter is the best prevention of colds and flu. It has been established that regular physical activity in the cold reduces the likelihood of getting the flu by 20-30%.

In cold weather, the heart works harder to pump blood around the body. Winter training provides more benefits for heart health and protection from disease.

Sports increase metabolism in any case, but this effect is enhanced in cold weather. The body expends additional energy on warming, in addition, physical exercise causes a targeted blow to brown fat cells. In winter, after all, you want to eat more heartily, so burning fat becomes so important.

It has been proven that in the cold, the lungs begin to work with a vengeance. A Northern Arizona University study found that athletes who exercised in the cold performed better overall. The speed of runners after winter training increased by an average of 29%.

It’s not time to sit by the fireplace! Winter is a great chance to strengthen your body and get past the season of colds and blues.

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