Cheat sheet for expectant mothers: how to help yourself and your baby during pregnancy


The only thing is that these same “torments” exist in the life of the former, they just know how to cope with them, and the latter, alas, have not learned, that’s why they “cast a shadow” on such a bright position, which is bestowed from above on a woman!

So how to be? Can the second camp simply understand itself and still learn to find the right way out of any, even painful situation? We will gladly help you with this! 

First, let’s outline the main diseases (problems) that often occur during pregnancy:

– toxicosis (can be both early and late)

– heartburn and reflux

– high blood pressure

– blood clots

– excess weight

– high blood sugar

– disruption of the immune system

– inflammatory diseases

– and, of course, mood swings

How to be? And what to do with all these? And now more about the methods of self-treatment. They will be general, relating to all of the above problems. But, believe me, the most effective. 

1. Be physically active

Yes! Because pregnancy is not a disease. Your body also needs exercise. Of course, in more moderate, using less weight for classes, perhaps smoother, but still loads (if there are no contraindications from the doctor). There are many arguments in favor of exercising during pregnancy! For example, they prepare the body for an easier childbirth, stimulate the immune system, optimize weight gain, improve sleep, mood … Therefore, take care of yourself and your baby for health. Don’t be lazy!


2. Eat right

This means not twice as much, but twice as useful as before! Your plate should always contain mostly natural products. And do not lean on industrial sweets. Replace them with delicious natural ones: fruits, dried fruits, homemade delicate pastries. And if we talk about portions, then they should be small so as not to overload your stomach and body as a whole (this is especially true of the 3rd trimester, when the uterus decently pushes the stomach and intestines up, squeezing them).


even official medicine recommends that patients with a standard type of nutrition exclude animal products from the diet in the 3rd trimester!

In general, eat what brings you pleasure, but mindfully. Do not forget about the usefulness of each ingredient. 

3. Drink fluids

Liquid means clean drinking water, light herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices (but the main thing is not to overdo it with them, because with frequent use they can increase blood sugar), homemade compotes and fruit drinks from fresh berries, rosehip broth.

Drinks such as coffee and alcohol are best avoided before pregnancy, and even more so during! If we talk about the amount of liquid consumed, then in the first 2 trimesters they remain standard (as in the pre-pregnancy period), but in the 3rd trimester it is better to reduce them to 1,5-2 liters per day (to avoid unnecessary swelling).

4. Create a healthy environment around you

It’s no secret that pregnant women have increased sensitivity, perception of smells. Therefore, try to replace household chemicals, make the air around you as clean as possible, explain to smoking relatives and friends about the peculiarities of your situation and ask them not to smoke in your presence, be careful with scented candles and body fragrances … It is advisable to minimize the use of a laptop and mobile phone.

Make the environment around you greener! 

5. Get plenty of rest and relaxation

Of course, first of all, we are talking about healthy sleep. Everyone knows that this is the best medicine. But for a pregnant woman, sleeping all night long is a rarity (experiences, heartburn, urge to go to the toilet, a kicking baby can interfere).

How to be? Try to rest as much as possible during the day, give yourself physical activity during the day, build a routine and go to bed no later than 22:00, do not eat 2 hours before bedtime, find the most convenient and comfortable position (for most pregnant women, this is the position lying on the left side with a pillow between the knees).

To relax, listen to calm and positive music, watch good films, read good books. Do whatever brings you joy and pleasure! 

All the methods described above are the inner pharmacy of every woman. Open it! The little person who grows inside you is very sensitive to your own mood, to your thoughts. Create harmony between you and enjoy unity with this little miracle! Everything is simple. Everything is in your hands, future mothers! 

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