Can the gothic palate be treated?

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How is the gothic palate treated? How can such a defect be corrected in a child? What complications for a child’s health may the gothic palate have in the future? How to start treatment? Where should you start? The question is answered by the drug. Anna Mitschke.

How is the gothic palate treated?

Hello. My daughter was diagnosed after a few years she was diagnosed gothic palate. This lightened up her earlier problems a little. A symptom of a gothic palate it turned out, among other things, that it was so difficult for us to feed her, especially breastfeeding. This problem, although it may seem trivial, is already making it difficult for my daughter to function. In addition to eating problems, she also had a symptom of a gothic palate problems with correct pronunciation.

Now, years later, only the malocclusion allowed us to come to the point that the gothic palate was the cause of our daughter’s problems. And here comes my question. Can the gothic palate be treated? If so, how can this defect be corrected in your daughter? Currently, apart from dental problems It’s okay for her, but I’ve read that the gothic palate can have other health implications as well, and it worries me a lot. I would like to start the treatment of the gothic palate, but to be honest I don’t know where to start and who to go to with this problem. I am asking for advice.

The doctor indicates the methods of treating the gothic palate

The gothic palate takes its name from gothic buildings because it resembles their shape. As the name suggests, the gothic palate is narrow and strongly arched upwards. It is a genetic defect. The occurrence of this defect is associated with many consequences, including malocclusion or pronunciation, articulation as well as difficulties in eating. Symptoms of an abnormal structure of the palate appear in infancy, when the infant has difficulty breastfeeding. Babies often need to choose a teat that is right for them. In addition, there are problems with swallowing as the tongue does not touch the upper part of the roof of the mouth. We commonly observe a child breathing through his mouth as he sleeps with his mouth open. It can occur as a single defect, but also in complex genetic syndromes, e.g. in Down syndrome, Marfan syndrome, Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

Depending on the severity of the defect, the child may require exercises with a speech therapist, wearing a special apparatus, and sometimes surgery. It is important to start treatment as soon as possible, as malocclusions are best treated at an early stage of development. An important element of the therapy are exercises to strengthen the jaw muscles, tongue movements, as well as breathing exercises. In order to correct the defect, an apparatus is used to widen the jaw, the so-called Hass apparatus for expanding the palatal suture. Sometimes this is insufficient and surgical treatment is necessary. Surgical techniques include jaw distraction, which is a surgical method for widening the jaw. Thanks to this, we obtain bite correction and improvement of functions.

In case of suspicion of a defect in the palate of a child, see a pediatrician. If necessary, the pediatrician will refer the child to further specialists, e.g. ENT or maxillofacial surgery. Sometimes it is also necessary to visit an orthodontist or ENT specialist.

— Lek. Anna Mitchke

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