Beetroot: benefits and harms

Who does not know this root vegetable? It is the number one ingredient for your favorite borscht! Beetroot is unique in that it retains all its useful qualities in any form, even if you cook it, even if you bake it. It is a record holder for iodine content, and it is also a storehouse of vitamins and valuable metals!


The season of young beets begins in June. During this period it is better to eat it fresh and use it for salads. They continue to collect it until October. Late root crops are removed to storage and used until the new season.


Table beets have small root crops with a dark color. When choosing beets, please pay attention to their skin. It should be dense, without damage and signs of rot.

Store the root vegetables in the refrigerator, protect them from condensation.


For the heart and circulatory system.

Vitamin B9, which is sufficient in the composition of beets and the presence of iron and copper, promotes the production of hemoglobin, which prevents anemia and leukemia. Beets help to strengthen the walls of the capillaries. The substances contained in root vegetables have a vasodilating, anti-sclerotic, and calming effect, promote the release of excess fluid from the body, and are necessary for the normal functioning of the heart.

For youth and beauty.

Thanks to the presence of folic acid, which promotes the creation of new cells, beets will help you always look good. It eliminates toxins that can accumulate in our body, maintaining good psychological health and preventing premature aging.

For the stomach and metabolism.

Make friends with beets if you have high acidity and if you suffer from fluid retention in the body.

Beetroots contain many pectin substances that have protective properties against the effects of radioactive and heavy metals. These substances promote the elimination of cholesterol and delay the development of harmful microorganisms in the intestine.

However, if you suffer from urolithiasis, limit your consumption of beetroot, as it has a high content of oxalic acid.


Beetroot is an indispensable ingredient for making borscht and famous salads as ”Vinaigrette“ and ”Herring under a fur coat.” It is marinated, boiled, baked, and squeezed with juice. Currently, the chefs have gone on bold experiments with beets and offer marmalades, sorbet, and jams for their guests.

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