Baby food: what are the first vegetables you can give your child


Baby food: the first vegetables in the diet

Vegetables are the first “adult” product that the baby gets acquainted with after mother’s milk. To make this acquaintance grow into a strong friendship, it is important to know how, when and what vegetables to give to the child. Today we discuss the subtleties of vegetable complementary foods.

The Moment of Truth

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

The body of the crumbs is able to digest vegetables by 5-6 months. But age is not of fundamental importance here. You should rely on more important signs. The baby should gain at least twice the weight from the moment of birth. He must get rid of the tongue-pushing reflex, learn to sit and bend over. The most obvious sign is that the child wants vegetables, that is, is keenly interested in what others eat. If the usual portion of milk is not enough for the baby, it’s definitely time to switch to vegetables.

Lunch at the bank

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

Vegetable puree in jars is a great help in the child’s diet. It is prepared from high-quality hypoallergenic products, enriched with vitamins. When choosing ready-made food, strictly study the shelf life and composition. It should not contain a single gram of salt and spices. The lid should be slightly concave inside, and when opened, make a pop. Before feeding, put a portion of mashed potatoes on a plate and do not return it back in any case. Remember, in the open form, food is stored only for a day.

Caring with your own hands

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

Some mothers prepare mashed potatoes for babies with their own hands. In this case, the vegetables are properly washed with a brush under running water. Then they are cleaned, cut and cooked without any salt, preferably in enameled dishes. The steamer retains the most vitamins. Since the baby’s nutrition from the first days of life is liquid milk, it is important to grind the puree very carefully. A blender or a good old sieve will help you. Too thick puree is better to dilute with weak broth or milk.


Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

During vegetable complementary feeding, the regime and rules of baby nutrition are very important. Start with half a teaspoon of mashed potatoes, preferably in the morning. Double the serving every day until it reaches 50-100 ml. At the same time, watch the reaction of the baby. If there are spots on the body or problems with the tummy, immediately stop feeding this vegetable. If everything went smoothly, after a week, introduce a new vegetable to the diet. And after a couple of months, add a drop of olive or linseed oil to the puree.

Zucchini debut

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

Ideally, the first vegetables of the child should be traditional not only for your region, but also for the family. In this sense, the universal choice is zucchini. It can be introduced into the diet from 5-6 months. It does not cause allergic reactions and does not irritate the mucous membrane. Zucchini is absorbed easily and in full, gently stimulating the release of gastric juice and the work of the intestines. It is rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and magnesium. All this makes the baby’s immune defense much stronger.

Curly girlfriend

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

How to introduce a second vegetable to the child’s complementary food? The surest way is to add it in a boiled, ground form to the usual puree. So the baby will perceive the novelty easier, and you will track the reaction. Most often, the second number is cauliflower. The fiber in it is not as coarse as in white cabbage, so that a strong gas formation does not threaten the baby. Cauliflower is a generous source of protein, vitamins, and trace elements. It improves metabolism, strengthens bone tissue and has a beneficial effect on the heart.

Large form

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

Making up the diet of babies for months, you can safely include pumpkin in it. This is usually done at 6-7 months. Its main advantages are vitamin D and carotene, which promote harmonious growth and prevent rickets. Pumpkin not only improves digestion, but is also indicated for various problems. In particular, it prevents bloating of the tummy and gently relieves constipation. Pumpkin calms the nervous system and provides a sound sleep. That’s why this vegetable is indispensable for hyperactive crumbs.

Red maiden

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

Without carrots, the baby’s vegetable diet is unthinkable. The combination of carotene and essential trace elements makes it a key growth product. The same carotene, turning into vitamin A, takes care of the health of the eyes and skin. This vegetable has a delicate laxative effect and improves the work of all the digestive organs as a whole. Add to this the anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. However, carrots can provoke allergies, so enter it into the bait carefully.

National Team

Питание малыша: какие первые овощи можно давать ребенку

What vegetables to introduce to the child in the diet after six months? Nutritious potatoes are gradually given in 7 months. But keep in mind, in the puree, its share should be 30-40%, since starch greatly loads the digestive organs. From 8-9 months, try onions, exclusively in boiled form and in combination with other vegetables. At 9 months, it is the turn of boiled beets. Be careful if the baby has an unstable stool. This vegetable has a laxative effect, which can worsen the problem.

What vegetables to give to a child up to a year and in what order, it is up to you, of course. The main thing is that the first menu of the baby is healthy, moderate and does not cause harm. And if you are in doubt, be sure to consult with your pediatrician.

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