Prevention of heat stroke


How to protect the body from heat stroke

Summer is an amazing time of year, full of joy and bright moments of happiness. But sometimes it presents unpleasant surprises.  The sun can be treacherous, and therefore do not forget about the prevention of heat stroke.

Risk factors

Профилактика теплового удара

How to prevent heat stroke? The first step is to understand what causes it. The main reason lies on the surface — this is a long-term overheating of the body, and not necessarily in the sun. Stuffy enclosed space or heavy physical labor also pose a threat. However, there are many other reasons: alcohol and caffeine abuse, side effects of drugs, stress and nervous overload. Infants and the elderly are particularly at risk. In the first months of life, the system of thermoregulation of the body is not yet debugged, in old age it works intermittently. The risk of getting heatstroke is seriously increased by chronic diseases. Especially if they concern the heart and blood vessels, the endocrine system and if you are overweight.

Blow to kill

Профилактика теплового удара

Often, the first signs of heat and sunstroke are confused even by doctors. The first is due to overheating, which can be obtained anywhere, while the second is possible only when exposed to direct sunlight and, in fact, is a variety of the first. Heat stroke is accompanied by sudden weakness, throbbing headache and dizziness. With sunstroke, similar sensations are noted, sometimes accompanied by vomiting, convulsions and nosebleeds. A characteristic symptom of heat stroke is hot, red and completely dry to the touch skin. Along with this, the heart rate increases and the temperature rises sharply, up to 40°. In extremely severe cases, hallucinations occur and deep fainting occurs.

Emergency assistance

Профилактика теплового удара

What to do in case of heat stroke? If you experience these symptoms at home or at work, call an ambulance immediately. If you get hit on the street, immediately go to the nearest air-conditioned room. Before the arrival of doctors, a number of important measures should be taken. Remove any embarrassing clothing and shoes. Cover yourself with a wet sheet and turn on the fan. But it’s best to take a cool shower. To bring down the temperature, apply a compress with ice to the forehead or on the back of the head. Drink a glass of salted water or iced tea in small sips. When someone close to you needs help, do the same. It is recommended to lay the patient on a cool floor and raise the legs above the head. If the victim is delirious, bring a cotton wool with ammonia to his nose.

Coming out fully armed

Профилактика теплового удара

How to avoid heat stroke? First of all, forget about dark and synthetic skin-tight clothing. Wear only light clothes made of light, breathable fabrics with a loose fit. This will help maintain an optimal body temperature. The head will be protected by a hat with a wide brim or a kerchief of light shades. Don’t forget to pick up a good pair of sunglasses. Try to spend less time under the scorching rays from 11 to 17 hours — at this time the sun is especially aggressive. And before you go outside, apply sunscreen to your skin. If you regularly exercise, reduce the load at least for the period of peak heat. And most importantly – make sure that children do not play in the sun, especially without any protection.

Refreshing menu

Профилактика теплового удара

You will not need to help with heat stroke if you regularly eat the right foods. The most important thing is to drink water. Remember, in the summer, you should drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day, without taking into account other drinks. Therefore, always carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. Well quench your thirst with green tea, berry fruit drinks, lemonades and homemade kvass. Be careful with coffee and caffeinated products. Limit your intake of fatty foods, fast food, and spicy condiments. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and berries. Best of all, zucchini, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes and greens cool the body. Cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir also cope well with this task. Let the refrigerator always have watermelon, citrus fruits, plums, apricots, gooseberries or cherries.

People’s Shield

Профилактика теплового удара

How to treat heat stroke at home, when the doctors have done everything you need? With the help of folk remedies. Dilute 6 tsp of salt in 3 liters of water and drink it in small sips all day. Raspberries will help to stabilize the temperature. Pour 2 tablespoons of berries with boiling water and insist for 15 minutes. Drink the infusion as a regular tea and repeat the procedure twice at intervals of an hour. Perfectly refreshes the lime infusion. Brew 2 tablespoons of dried linden flowers in 250 ml of boiling water for 20 minutes and filter. A glass of this drug a day will be enough. Mix the grated cucumber with 5 mint leaves, 50 ml of lemon juice and pour a liter of water. This lemonade will quench your thirst and moderate your fever. And if you feel unwell, chew a mint leaf — this technique will bring an endowment.

Knowing what the signs of heat stroke are and first aid when it occurs, you will avoid dangerous health consequences. But in any case, do not self-medicate. At the first suspicion of heat stroke, call the doctors without delay.

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