Aura: what it is and how to distinguish it – Happiness and health


Do you want to know a person (his characters, his state of health…) only by observing him? If so, find out more about the concept of aura is useful to you. The history of the aura dates back to ancient times.

We are talking about a haze of light around an individual. An overview of the colors of light which signify a lot of things.

Energies emitted by all beings

The beings of the Universe, whatever they are, all emit energy. Many scientists agree on this point. Quantum physicists, whose area of ​​expertise touches on this question of energy, admit the thesis.

By using advanced technologies on bioelectricity, the energy emission of all things is proven.

The Kirlian photo is one of the bioelectrical technologies. It makes it possible to record energies by electrography. You place an object on a sheet of film. A metal plate is placed under it.

High voltages are then used to charge everything.

The charging of the voltages emits a discharge connecting the plate and the object. This discharge is recorded on the film sheet. It takes the form of colored light patterns. The use of Kirlian photography is not limited to non-living things.

The human body also emits energies. The Kirlian method is able to detect them with great efficiency. (1)

So, let’s stop these theories that could give you headaches. Let’s move on to more concrete things. All you need to remember is that the beings of the world are emitting energy, including man.

Aura: what it is and how to distinguish it – Happiness and health

The human aura: what is it?

The aura of man reflects the energies emitted by the human body. It is about an energy field around the being. An individual is who he is because of these energies around him. The lifestyle and the outside environment affect them.

In this context, a question arises: what will the aura have said about the person? This energy field indicates emotional state as well as mental activity. The aura represents the character of man.

It is also a reflection of health and disease. The aura can detect your condition from different angles. Illness that begins to take up space in the body can be detected by the aura long before symptoms appear.

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Made up of various colors, the aura takes on an ovoid appearance. It is an energetic envelope surrounding the human body. Several layers make up the human aura. Vital energy circulates between these layers.


The individual’s body interacts with each layer. The chakras allow the process.

In humans, seven bodies emit energies. You will understand it better when you think of Russian dolls. The inner layers are wrapped by the larger ones. The energy field then becomes larger.

The energy of the human body is represented by the three inner layers. The fourth layer indicates the astral body. The energies emitted by the spirit are understood through the three outer layers. (2)


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What does each layer of the aura represent?

Various bodies are reflected by the layers of the aura. These indicate the condition of the person considering all angles.

In this sense, it is useful to know what we are made of, or more exactly, which bodies form our existence, apart from the tangible physical body?

  • First, there is the etheric body. It is the reflection of the physical body that we all know. Our vital energy is charged on this body. Its densification makes it possible to form the substance. The etheric body is represented by the inner layers of the aura.
  • The emotional body then constitutes our being. This is the second envelope of human energy. Associated with emotions, this body reflects the feelings that the person experiences.
  • The next envelope considers the mental body. There you find the reasoning of the mind. The innate as well as the acquired are in this body. Seat of imagination and thought, this part serves as a transition between the mind and the material.
  • Have you ever heard of the Astral Body? It takes any form and escapes the law of gravity. This body has the capacity to go through solid compositions. The fourth layer represents it.
  • The causal body is part of our being. All the causes of past events are brought to this body. The latter also keeps the imprint of the effects of the past. We are talking about Karma here.
  • The spiritual body is represented by the sixth layer. It makes us aware of the connection with other beings. Being connected with what exists grants a feeling of light. You can feel love, through the connection made.
  • The seventh layer reflects the divine body. She sits outside with big waves. With this body, man feels the unity with the whole.Aura: what it is and how to distinguish it – Happiness and health
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How to see the aura?

Do you want to distinguish your aura or that of another person? Know that it is possible, but complicated. By adding patience to your willpower, you can still be successful.

Train with the aura of objects

I told you earlier that everything has an aura. In the evening, go out to a quiet place. Let your body and mind relax. Look at the street lights.

There is one closer to you: less than ten meters away. You can see the halo around the light very well. As you practice, it is possible to discern each color.

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Let’s go back to the aura of man

When you’re ready for adventure, pose nude in front of a mirror. The dim light atmosphere helps you see the aura. You have to relax. Now take a bilocative view.

This means that one eye observes one part of your body, while the other takes care of the reverse. The tingling under the feet marks the vibrations. You should therefore stay still if you feel them.

In order to see the aura of another individual, you must stand 3 meters away from the person. This one settles against a pale wall. Observe his head and wait for the result.

After one or a few tries for some and several attempts for others, you will be able to see the aura. (3)

The colors of the aura: what do they mean?

Aura: what it is and how to distinguish it – Happiness and health

The aura is put in colors consistent with our state. It then changes colors depending on the mood and health of the person. What do all these colors mean and how to interpret them?

  • The Red : it has so many nuances. This color can be positive. Clear, red marks energy as well as vitality. It shows the warmth that animates your life. When it gets darker, it means the negative is starting to dominate.

    Dark red is associated with revolt and anger. It shows hatred allied with the destructive spirit. Passion is marked by a deep red color. Yet when your aura reflects the deep muddy red, your passion is harmful.

    Fear is indicated by red tending to brown. Are you in happiness? Your aura adopts the red turning to pink.

  • Yellow : it can be shiny or dull. When you have an auric color resembling gold, your intellect has been elevated. Muddy yellow proves selfishness and cunning.
  • The green in the aura reflects harmony in a person’s life. It sits between purple and red, which are extremes. A light green color shows healing and peace.

    When the green gets muddy, that’s a mark of greed. Jealous people have a tinge of green to brown in their aura.

  • Purple combines red and blue. It marks evolution in the mind. Royal color, purple shows nobility. Outside of spiritual masters, it is rare to find this color in the aura. Lilac means altruism. This color is also that of the Indigo children.
  • Blue color marks a high level of intellect. Deeper, it reflects devotion to religion. When blue is mixed with black, religious feelings are perverted. It marks the dark side of spirituality.
  • As to the pink color, it shows friendship and love. It is a revitalization of the physical body. Pink reflects more will to live.
  • White color synthesizes all the others. It marks union and integration. White signifies spiritual perfection. Hard to find, this color only appears in the aura of those who know union and enlightenment.
  • The worst color is the black. The latter shows hatred leading to harmful actions. The color black represents unhealthy thinking.
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All beings, including man, have their aura, because they all emit energies around. Science proves it thanks to bioelectric technologies. The human aura reflects the health, mood and condition of the person in general.

By distinguishing the aura of an individual, you will be able to determine his characters. The colors of the aura can change depending on the condition of the person. Red, blue, purple, yellow… these colors have all their meanings.

However, before you can see your own aura, or that of another, it takes practice and some concentration.

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