Animal protein intake is the cause of early death

An international group of scientists found that taking animal protein in food helps to reduce human life expectancy, and vegetable protein increases it. A scientific paper was published in a scientific journal called “JAMA Internal Medicine”.

Researchers from Harvard University have completed a large-scale study in which they examined a meta-analysis of data obtained during the health studies of 131 medical professionals from America (342% of females) “Nurse Health Study” (tracking period of 64,7 years) and Occupational study of a group of health workers (period of 32 years). Nutrient intake was monitored through detailed questionnaires.

The median protein intake was 14% of total calories for animal protein and 4% for plant protein. All data obtained were processed, adjusting for the main risk factors that arise in connection with diet and lifestyle. Ultimately, the results were obtained, according to which the intake of animal protein is a factor that increases mortality, mainly from diseases of the cardiovascular system. Vegetable protein, in turn, allowed to reduce mortality.

Replacing three percent of all calories with vegetable protein from processed meat protein reduced mortality by 34%, from unprocessed meat by 12%, from eggs by 19%.

Such indicators were tracked only in people who were exposed to one of the serious risk factors arising from the presence of bad habits, for example, smoking, frequent use of alcoholic products, excess weight and lack of physical activity. If these factors were absent, then the type of protein consumed had no effect on life expectancy.

The largest amount of vegetable protein is found in foods such as: nuts, legumes and cereals.

Recall that not so long ago, scientists conducted another global study, according to which eating red meat, especially processed meat, affects the increase in mortality from cancer, most often colon cancer. In this regard, processed meat will be included in Group 1 (certain carcinogens) of the List of products containing carcinogens, and red meat – in Group 2A (possible carcinogens).

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