Acupressure: 8 Points to Relieve Stress

Stress is no joke. Acquiring a chronic form, it has an extremely adverse effect on the body, upsetting the balance of the entire system and causing chronic diseases. One way or another, we are all affected by stress in one way or another. That is why, in addition to breathing, meditative and yogic exercises, it will be relevant to consider some acupressure points on the body for their own stimulation. Acupressure helps activate self-healing mechanisms, stimulate endorphin production and improve blood flow. The same points are used here as in acupuncture. The only difference is in the method of influence: acupressure involves massage, pressure movements with fingers, not needles. Biologically active points can be located either in muscle groups or in bone structures. Let’s look at these points. It is located in the upper part of the foot, under the membrane between the first and second toes, in a depression next to the joint. On the sole of the foot, on a line approximately between the second and third toes, where the skin is thinnest. On the back of the hand, the point is located at the top of the triangle of the membrane connecting the thumb and forefinger. On the inside of the wrist, between the two tendons that run down the center of the hand. Get in a comfortable position, focus on your breath. Firmly press your finger on the acupressure point. Make light circular movements, or pressure up and down for several minutes. 

teach the basics of acupressure to your loved one – when massaging active points by a person with positive, loving energy, the effect increases! Be healthy!

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