7 Things Nobody Told Me About Veganism

1. You can get all the protein you need

When you go vegan, it seems like everyone around you suddenly becomes a nutrition doctor. This seems to be a good thing, because they care about you and want to make sure that you are making the right choice for your body.

The first question I was asked as a vegan bodybuilder was something along the lines of “Dude, where do you get your protein from?” It was mixed in with a few others such as “Will You Die of a Protein Deficiency?”.

Of course, the short answer is no. I am still alive. I’m not going to lie to you by saying that I had no fear when I was learning new nutrition. I thought I would need whey protein milk to minimize the wastage from my workouts.

I was wrong. After going vegan, I seemed to have grown up: obviously, I could get all the protein I needed and much more. And that didn’t mean eating vegan protein powders. There are plenty of healthy plant sources of protein, you just need to know where to find them.

2. Your body will thank you.

Since I became a vegan, my body has found its true charm. Health is better, strength is bigger, I am leaner, digestion is better, skin is better, my hair is strong and shiny… Okay, now I sound like a horse shampoo commercial… But I feel like my body is thanking me every day: my energy performance is high, I can achieve everything I want in life knowing that my body will perform at its peak.

3. You can pamper yourself

I love tasty treats. And who is not? Many people avoid veganism due to restrictions. But this is a delusion. There are some foods that vegans choose not to eat, but the whole idea of ​​”restrictions” skips all the items that vegans eat. And trust me, there are many. Start listing fruits and vegetables and you will understand everything.

But that’s not all, friends. There are many healthy foods for vegans, whether they are “accidentally vegan” or specific vegan foods.

“Oh, but I just can’t live without…,” you think. “I will miss…”

For many people, the idea of ​​a vegan diet is hard to imagine life without certain foods. But the fact is that the vegetarian market is growing. These days, you can get all the healthy foods you love without any of the hassles that non-vegan products sometimes have. Mozzarella on pizza? Please! Sausage sandwich? There are vegetarian sausages.

4. You don’t have to eat turtle food.

Kale is often mistaken for turtle food – but don’t think so until you try it yourself. Kale pairs deliciously with chia seeds, black pepper and soy sauce. So jokes aside.

But if you really can’t use it, you have two options:

  1. Disguise kale in a green smoothie

  2. Don’t eat it

Trade Secret: Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to like and eat kale to be a vegan. To health!

5. Your bank account will be happy

Another misconception I encountered when I first went vegan was “Oh, it’s going to be expensive, isn’t it? Aren’t vegan foods expensive?

Once again, the answer is no. Personally, I don’t spend more than £20 a week on a grocery store. How? Fruits and vegetables are cheap.

As a student bodybuilder, I needed cheap, convenient products that I could prepare ahead of time and was able to fix everything I needed and more. To this day, my dishes can cost 60p each. I always have lentils, beans, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices in my closet, I buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. You will find friends

There is a joke that vegans don’t have friends. Seriously, going vegan has given me the opportunity to work with new people, attend events like VegFest, and meet a lot of people that I get along well with. It was amazing for my social life.

Another myth is that you will lose all your existing friends when you go vegan. Wrong! I have found that my friends are very receptive to my lifestyle and many of them credit vegans as an influence, share their thoughts and ask for advice. I am honored to help: it’s so nice to support people in what they really believe in!

Tip: People will take more than you think. Even if they are a little hesitant at first, if you arm yourself with all the necessary information and prepare for questions and jokes, eventually people will see that you really thrive.

7. You will save lives

It’s pretty obvious that if you don’t eat animals, you’re saving lives (198 animals for every vegan, to be exact). Less demand means less production and less slaughter.

But what about the other lives you save in the process?

I’m talking about you. You are saving yourself. With documentaries on the health benefits of veganism, it’s really easier than ever to educate yourself on the adverse effects of eating meat and other animal products. When you really think about it, are you willing to trade your life for these foods when there are so many other good things you could eat? Here’s some food for thought for you.

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