6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin


Iron deficiency may be dangerous to our body. How to recognize the shortage of this important element and what foods to increase hemoglobin level?

Iron is a vital element that is responsible for many primary functions of our organism. It produces and synthesizes hemoglobin, participates in metabolic processes that provide energy to the mind and body.

When heavy blood loss, especially in women, the amount of iron in the blood falls leads to many health problems. This can be seen on some signs:

6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin

  • decreased immunity – frequent colds, especially in the spring, on the background of intake of vitamin C, can talk about the lack of iron in the diet
  • chronic fatigue – bad oxygen travels from the lungs to all cells, hence of dizziness, headaches, and fatigue,
  • pallor – the level of red blood cells is reduced, and the skin takes on an unhealthy shade of white,
  • dull and weak hair, nails, damaged skin due to iron deficiency can appear wounds in the corners of the mouth, peeling and skin dryness, brittle and thinning nails, strong hair loss,
  • the lack of progress in training – iron effect on endurance, and if your workouts are sluggish, you tire quickly and are unable to cope with stress, it can also indicate iron deficiency,
  • If there is insufficient iron in the body, muscle pain starts to extract it from the liver, bone marrow, and muscle tissue, after a day marked by pain in muscles, tiredness.

Some foods will help to compensate for the lack of iron in the body?


6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin

Among all vegetables, the beet is one of the leading places. This is the number one product for struggling with a lack of iron in the body. You can prepare juices, smoothies, desserts, salads, and first courses – soups, side dishes, or baked with herbs and seasonings from beets.


6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin

Amongst plant foods, legumes – one of the most useful. In addition to a large amount of protein is enough iron. So it is better digested, you should combine beans with vegetables and herbs, rich in vitamin C. Salads and soups made from beans, onion, and fennel perfectly saturate and raise the level of hemoglobin.


6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin

Those who prefer meat sources of iron can serve red meat, especially beef. Iron is rapidly and easily digested in a short period of time. And if you combine the vitamin with meat sauces with orange or olives, use it will be the maximum.


6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin

The liver is a rich source of iron and most commonly prescribed by doctors to fight against iron deficiency anemia. It is well absorbed by the body yet low in calories. The liver also contains many other vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements.


6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin

Buckwheat — diet low-carb product, which contains useful amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, including iron. Buckwheat stimulates blood, improves immunity and endurance. Rump is best combined with vegetables, also rich in iron and vitamin C.


6 foods that will help to increase the hemoglobin

After giving blood, donors prefer to drink a glass of pomegranate juice to restore blood loss. The number of useful properties of pomegranate juice is superior to the other – it increases the level of iron in the blood while not increasing the sugar. Pomegranate juice strengthens the immune system, improves blood clotting, and helps the cardiovascular system.

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