5 reasons why we overeat

“I’m innocent” – and I want to cry sometimes, getting up from the table. Like, there is a great desire not to overeat, but still — I can’t. Why?


This question has puzzled by the specialist from the University of Sussex in the UK, Jenny Morris. She explained why people are prone to gluttony.

  • 1 reason. A large portion

This thesis is confirmed by the results of a recent experiment in which the subjects were asked to empty the bowl of soup. Some bowls were connected tubes, through which they added the broth. The end of the experiment revealed that even though some people have consumed 73% more soup than the others, all felt the same way full.

  • 2 the reason. A variety of dishes

The feeling of fullness is directly related to when the body starts to get less pleasure from the taste of the food. Thus, according to the results of relevant studies, if the table is “breaking dishes,” the person eats 4 times more.

  • 3 reason. Distractions

When a person is distracted, he’s worse is aware of the point of saturation. Therefore, he eats more. Watching TV, reading while eating, talking on the phone — all of this distracts us from the food, and, therefore, brain busy and not in a hurry to tell us “Hey, wait, you already ate!”

  • 4 reason. Food in the company

When a person eats, he unconsciously “tries” on other people’s food habits to try everything you love about the neighbors on the table, which also contributes to overeating.

Alcohol relaxes questioned all food “feet” person; it heats the appetite. Besides, the alcohol brain later retrieves the necessary signals of saturation.

The researcher Jenny Morris advises to focus solely on the food during the meal, and also to photograph serves to remind yourself about the amount of feed consumed during the day.


The results of research, of course, valuable. However, it does not mean that you now need is one tiny mono-meals alone. Food should be fun. But, armed with this knowledge, you will now be able to control their behavior at the table and understanding — whether you are eating because you are hungry or because the series is not over and the table is still there, that is.

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