Diet “5 tablespoons”: to lose weight, but don’t starve

5 tablespoons just the right amount of food, which is necessary for an ordinary person for one meal to replenish energy and satisfy your hunger for sure nutritionists.


The logic is simple: as a rule, people who suffer from excess weight have a larger stomach volume than those whose weight is in the normal range. And eating, even regularly, but a small amount of food, a person, over time, reduces the stomach volume and will inevitably lose weight.

5 rules of the diet


1. Amount per serving – no more than 5 tablespoons or 150-200 grams.

2. In between meals at least 3 hours.

3. There are many times in the day, the main thing – to comply with the specified interval.

4. And most importantly – you can use any food. Cake? No problem, but its size must fit in 5 tablespoons.

5. You can drink unlimited water, tea and juices. However, you have to give up sugary sodas


Sample menu for the day:

8:00 — portion of oatmeal with berries, oiled, coffee

11:00 am, a banana or a small Apple or tomato


14:00 — portion of stew or chicken breast grilled

17:00 — serving a vegetable salad with olive or linseed oil

20:00 — a piece of cheese


23:00 — yogurt

Do not forget to drink enough water — often a lack of fluid in the body we sometimes confuse with hunger. A couple of times a week on a diet 5 spoons you can afford in one of the portions – dessert, as a prize for good behavior and remarkable strength!

Of course, if a diet is a great temptation to cheat is within the rules is not entirely useful foods — pastries, fast food. Good and fast results, then you should not wait.


Diet 5 spoons rather can be considered the starting point for those who have decided to embark on losing weight and who are difficult to tolerate change their usual diet.

Slowly replace the contents of their spoons useful foods. And then you’ll see — you don’t need to measure out serving spoons because it’s just a symbol of control and moderation in food as the main factors for weight loss.

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