5 reasons to go discover Peter Rabbit with the family at the cinema

1 / To watch a very animated film

The story ? The fight led by Pierre, the mischievous little rabbit, against old McGregor, to hold the vegetable garden, is not over! This time, she pits him against Thomas Mc Gregor, the grand-nephew who inherited the property. Pierre, his sisters, his cousin Jeannot and all the animals compete in jokes to steal fruits and vegetables. Fireworks, pirouettes and cavalcades of all kinds… Let’s go for 1h30 of chaos in the vegetable garden.

2 / To find this hero that we adore

This is Peter, the little rabbit with the blue jacket, famous hero of the Beatrix Potter books. Mischievous and cute, we find him for the first time in the cinema. This troop leader, a bit mischievous, but always generous, overflows with contagious enthusiasm!

3 / To immerse yourself in the world of Beatrix Potter

The magical world of author Beatrix Potter, with her magnificent watercolors, comes to life. The animals have preserved their costumes, their character and their facial expressions. And, to remain faithful to the natural landscapes that can be admired in the books, some scenes from the film Peter Rabbit are set in the English Lake District. What a pleasure to find this familiar bestiary; Pierre, his sisters, Jeannot and their acolytes, in a very realistic film.

4 / For fun with the family

Peter Rabbit, and his whole gang, are experts in the art of doing stupid things. Mischievous and hilarious, they lead us into their jokes! Actions punctuated by special effects carry the comedy and will captivate the whole family.

5 / For the pretty moral of the film

Beyond the stupid things that the unleashed troop commits, comedy makes sense! Children discover, in actions, that their actions have consequences. Knowing how to set limits is a bit of the moral that stems from the film Peter Rabbit, without sermon or punishment.


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