5 natural pain relievers


Willow bark 

Willow bark is used to eliminate mild local inflammation, which is the most common cause of most pain in the body. It contains the substance salicin, which is part of aspirin. In ancient times, people chewed willow bark, and now it can be found in the form of a collection that is brewed like a tea. The bark helps fight headaches, mild back pain, and even osteoarthritis.

But teach that if you have an intolerance to aspirin, then the punishment of willow will not suit you either. It can cause the same side effects as aspirin: upset stomach and slow kidney function. 


Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and acts as an antioxidant. Yellow-orange spice relieves inflammation, improves digestion, relieves abdominal pain, psoriasis and ulcers. Curcumin has been proven to fight cancer. Due to the fact that turmeric improves blood circulation and thins the blood, it can be used for headaches. Add ½ tsp. turmeric in a ready-made dish or freshly squeezed juice – the analgesic effect will not take long. 


Clove, like other herbs, has a wide range of uses in the treatment of various diseases: it alleviates nausea, treats colds, fights headaches and toothaches, and also relieves arthritis pain. In addition to whole cloves, you can now find powder and oil on sale. This spice is often used as a local anesthetic for bruises. Eugenol (the active ingredient in clove) is found in many pain relievers. Thus, it is possible to obtain pain relief directly from a natural source. Just be careful when using clove oil: this is a highly concentrated substance that can increase bleeding in the body. 


The ancient practice of oriental medicine is actively used in the modern world to relieve pain in the body and balance energy. Acupuncture and reflexology work on biologically active areas of the body and can serve as safe anesthesia. A competent specialist in just a few movements is able to relieve headaches, pain in the back, muscles and joints.

For proper acupuncture, it is better to find an experienced specialist so as not to harm yourself.  


Applying ice is the first thing that comes to our mind with bruises and abrasions. Ice is one of the simplest and fastest painkillers. Just wrap it in a towel and put it on your forehead – this will ease the headache. The cold will also keep the bruise from bruising if you apply it immediately after the blow. This pain reliever has no contraindications, just try not to overcool the area of ​​​​the skin that you are working on.  


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