4 secret fitness snacks


dried melon 

We all love summer for ripe juicy fruits! But imagine that the favorite fragrant summer fruit – melon – can be eaten all year round. Yes, yes, it is possible! BioniQ produces a unique product – dried melon without artificial additives and sugar. To create 50 g of this healthy snack, you need to dry more than half a kilogram of fresh melon. BioniQ melons are grown in the mountainous regions of sunny Kyrgyzstan, then they are cut into pieces and carefully dried in a vacuum dryer at a temperature of 35-40 degrees. Due to the mild temperature, the melon retains its magical aroma, rich taste, as well as vitamins and useful trace elements. Due to the natural sugars, dried melon is an excellent snack before and after sports. Eat a packet of dried melon after a run or before hitting the gym for an energy boost without the extra calories! In addition to valuable carbohydrates, dried melon contains concentrated vitamins C, PP, B1, B2, carotene, folic acid, magnesium and other valuable substances. 

dried plum 

Plum is a source of plant fibers, vitamins and minerals, which are especially useful for athletes. Whole plums for BioniQ snacks are also grown in ecologically clean regions of Kyrgyzstan. Small bags of dried plums are convenient to take with you on bike rides or to the gym. BioniQ plums are not like classic prunes – they are slightly crunchy, smell amazingly delicious and, most importantly, they are not treated with sulfur to extend their shelf life. Therefore, you can definitely be sure that your body will receive everything that is most useful from the very heart of wildlife. Plum perfectly removes cholesterol from the body and contributes to weight loss.

 dried apple 

Dried apple from BioniQ is a favorite taste since childhood in a new interpretation. Crispy, fragrant, but not sugary apple slices will be a great snack after any sports activity. Pectin in apples improves digestion and thus accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the body. Soft drying at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees allows you to save all the valuable fiber of fruits – and there are a lot of them in apples! One sachet of BioniQ dried apples contains almost half of your daily fiber requirement. Iron, which is necessary for building muscle tissue, potassium and calcium for bone strength – all this is found in excess in dried apples. 

Assorted berries and fruits 

When you want everything at once, it saves assorted berries and fruits. It includes a combination of the most delicious summer fruits: strawberry, pear, plum, melon and apple. In addition to the incredible taste, the assortment contains a full range of vitamins and minerals, vegetable fibers and organic acids. Thanks to the variety of flavors, this snack will definitely not get bored! A little secret: if you add assorted to yogurt or cottage cheese, you get a very tasty and healthy protein dessert. 

5 more reasons to choose BioniQ Dried Fruits: 

● environmentally friendly raw materials from the mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan

● fruits are not processed with gas and sugar syrup, like all dried fruits from the markets

● unique assortment

● convenient packaging to take with you

● small portion weight saturates for a long time without extra calories 

And, of course, dried fruits are just delicious! 

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