10 Ways to Counter an Energy Vampire

Energy is our life force, which we need in order to live a dynamic, full and happy life. But many of us seem lifeless by the end (or early) of the day. Psychosomatic medicine has shown a strong connection between mind and body, which means that the less energy we have, the more prone we are to illness, depression and anxiety.

There are people in life who tend to suck the energy out of us very quickly. And if you are a sensitive person or an empath, you will have a very powerful sense of who is sucking your energy and when. While some people claim that energy vampires are people who cannot keep their life force positive on their own, others believe that energy vampires are well-meaning and normal, but domineering people. In most cases, energy vampires are not even aware of their actions. 

How to identify an energy vampire

You are experiencing the following symptoms:

Weakness Physical pains (headaches, body aches, etc.) Mentally and physically exhausted Irritability or anxiety

The energy vampire, in turn, can display many of the following characteristics:

Big ego, likes to argue Aggressive or passive-aggressive tendencies Paranoia Expression of resentment and anger Narcissism Melodramatic behavior Whining and complaining Gossip Constant need for confirmation and acceptance Manipulation, emotional blackmail, etc. Jealousy

It is important to understand that energy vampires are not always necessarily human. It can also be situations and even physical objects such as the internet, TV, radio, telephone, some animals.

The most difficult thing is when energy vampires enter the circle of your family or friends. So, how can we stop the flow of energy from ourselves if we communicate with a person who is actively draining it?

Stop prolonged eye contact

It is one of the largest energy sinks. The more attention you pay, the more you become involved in the conversation and you don’t even notice how empty you are. In this case, occasional eye contact is necessary.

Set a time limit

Your time is also precious, and you don’t have to wait 1-2 hours until your energy is completely exhausted and your brain is numb. According to your energy level, set a limit of 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes.

Learn not to react

It is very important. Energy vampires feed on the reactions of others, forcing you to keep showing them off. It is important that you learn to be neutral in your interactions with other people. You need to carefully monitor the manifestation of excessively positive or negative emotions.

Learn not to argue

Yes, it’s tempting, but in the end you can’t change other people unless they change themselves first – the more you resist them, the more they will drain you.

Communicate with him in the company of other people

Approaching an energy vampire with one, two, or three other people will help reduce effort and distract attention. For this to work, you need to make sure these people aren’t energy vampires either.

Listen more than you talk

More often than not, vampires just want to listen. The more you talk, the more energy you lose (especially if you are an introvert). Using words like “why”, “when”, and “how” encourages vampires to talk more, which in turn will conserve your energy. Just try not to listen to everything completely, not to take it personally and, again, not to show emotions.

Try to stick to light-hearted topics

Your conversations don’t have to be oppressive. If necessary, take control of the conversation and change the topic of conversation to something lighter and simpler. 


Many people claim that visualizing protective energy shields helps to deflect mental fatigue and maintain a neutral and calm mood. Just try.

Avoid Energy Vampires If Possible

It’s not always possible, but it’s an easy way to help yourself. However, the less you come into contact with an energy vampire, the less opportunities you will have to develop and put into practice useful and necessary life skills.

Cut contact

This is the last and last resort. Sometimes, for your own health and happiness, you need to make difficult decisions about your environment. In the end, if you continue to suffer, the best option is to stop contacting this person. 

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