10 things every man pays attention to

It has long been known that men and women see the world differently. What a woman pays attention to, for a man, most likely, will go unnoticed. But in vain, many women think that men will not notice the lack of a manicure or groomed eyebrows. They may not understand fashion trends, but they are not blind. Representatives of the strong half of humanity, when meeting, pay a lot of attention to trifles.

Many girls now thought that in order to arouse the interest of a man, you need to be perfect. Not at all. You will be surprised, but your ideas about beauty are radically different from men’s. If you are wondering what every man pays attention to first of all, read our article.

10 Smile

10 things every man pays attention to

A cheerful girl is more likely to find a man for herself than Princess Nesmeyana. If a woman smiles often, radiates optimism, she becomes attractive to men. They think that next to her is always calm and comfortable.

Between a girl with a sweet smile and a femme fatale, most men will choose the former. It is easier to find a common language with a cheerful girl, you can talk on any topic, joke.

A man feels more confident, is not afraid to seem ridiculous. If your new acquaintance tells funny stories all evening, don’t pretend to be the Snow Queen, smile. But do not go too far, behave naturally. A silly smile and laughter inappropriately will not add to your attractiveness.

9. Manicure

10 things every man pays attention to

Sometimes it seems that men do not care about the condition of your nails, but this is not so. Men always pay attention to manicure. This does not mean that you need to quickly run to the salon.

Much of what women do with their nails delights only their girlfriends, but not the males. Do not forget that men love the classics. Among the favorites: medium length, French manicure, discreet pastel shades.

Take care of the condition of your nails. Hands should be well-groomed – this is quite enough. Long nails, bright colors, crazy designs scare men away just like a complete lack of manicure. They also do not like dark varnish, men associate it with dirt.

8. strange habits

10 things every man pays attention to

If you have strange habits that make you stand out from the crowd, a man will definitely appreciate them. Only if it’s your man. We are talking about harmless habits, for example, you bite your lip when you think about something, pull your earlobe, shake your leg.

If a man likes you, he will find these habits funny and endearing. If your new acquaintance does not like you, they will soon begin to annoy him. Each person is individual. It doesn’t matter if it’s a woman or a man, everyone has strange habits, it’s important to find your person, whom they will not shock and annoy.

7. Hair color

10 things every man pays attention to

Every man, of course, pays attention to the color of a girl’s hair. Here, of course, it all depends on the taste and preferences of a single man.

By the way, the truth “Gentlemen prefer blondes” is not confirmed. Most men prefer brunettes. They are most often taken as wives, have a serious relationship with them. Of course, you shouldn’t take it seriously. Whatever the color of your hair, do not forget that men love naturalness. They hate people whose hair is dyed all the colors of the rainbow. Clean hair, natural colors, a minimum of styling products – a win-win option that all men will appreciate without exception.

6. Eyebrow grooming

10 things every man pays attention to

Lovers of tattooing and other fashionable procedures breathed a sigh of relief. No wonder they invested money and time, took care of the beauty of their eyebrows. Many men pay attention to the eyebrow line.

Untidy eyebrows are repulsive. The girl gives the impression of a person who is dismissive of her appearance. Again, not every man understands fashion. The wide black eyebrows that all women in the world draw so diligently scare men. Everything is good in moderation, if you are a blonde, then such eyebrows are unlikely to decorate you.

5. Do you eat a lot

10 things every man pays attention to

Every man will pay attention to how much a girl eats. He must understand whether he can feed you. Of course it was a joke. If a girl constantly talks about being on a diet, orders diet salads, and also counts out loud how many calories a man has consumed, he will want to end the date as soon as possible.

Men love it when a girl has a good appetite. They like that while walking around the city at night, you can go to a pizzeria or treat a girl with ice cream, while not getting a large portion of criticism in response.

A man is comfortable next to such a girl, if you are not on a diet, you should not pretend to be Thumbelina. Suddenly a man decides to marry you, you will have to eat lettuce leaves for the rest of your life.

4. Eye color

10 things every man pays attention to

Not the last role is played by the color of the eyes. Here, too, everything is individual, each man has his own preferences. According to statistics, representatives of the strong half of humanity really like brown-eyed women.

Brown eyes are bright and expressive. Some people like blue-eyed girls, but it all depends on the shade of the eyes. Many men consider blue eyes faded and inexpressive. In principle, a man evaluates the appearance in a complex way. It often happens that a man who cannot stand blue-eyed girls marries one of them.

3. Music that you like

10 things every man pays attention to

It is of great importance that a man and a woman have common interests. After all, they will not only admire each other, they need to talk about something. Movies and music are considered the most neutral themes.

If you like classical music and he likes rock, don’t show your superiority. Do not try to change his views, do not criticize. Men and women have different views on life, and it is unlikely that you like the same artist. If he invites you to a concert, do not refuse, be ready to accept his hobbies.

2. your walk

10 things every man pays attention to

There are things that are much more important than external attractiveness. If a woman knows how to present herself, she has a beautiful walk and posture, no one will notice a couple of wrinkles or a few extra pounds. The gait should be light feminine, do not shuffle your feet, but do not wag your ass. From the outside it looks ugly.

Practice in front of a mirror, look at yourself from the side. What do you think of this woman? You must please yourself. If you can’t walk in high heels, learn or choose shoes without them. Now there is a large selection of different shoes, and without heels you can look feminine.

1. Fingers

10 things every man pays attention to

When meeting a man, first of all, he pays attention to the presence of a ring, he also does not disregard his fingers. Men like long graceful fingers, well-groomed hands. If nature has rewarded you with thick fingers, there is no need to despair. Take care of them, use creams and masks. The skin of the hands should not be dry.

Many women know that it is the neck and hands that give out age, so do not forget about care. Remember to wear gloves when doing household chores. The skin of the hands will say “thank you”, and the manicure will remain. Love yourself, indulge, then all men will pay attention to you.

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